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Are You Touching Each Other Enough?

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Are You Touching Each Other Enough?

Are You Touching Each Other Enough?

Touching is one of the five basic senses people can experience and it is arguably the most important. On a physical level, touch tvolves the activation of neural receptors in the skin, most often through tiny hair follicles but also through the tongue and throat. In fact, extensive studies by the University of Miami’s Touch Research Institute highlights an wide range of physical benefits from touching including: improved immune function, pain reduction, and even improved lung performance.erc

To couples, however, touch means so much more because we can “feel” on both physical and emotional levels. Touch plays such a crucial role with couples because it literally enhances their love for one another. Research indicates that people actually feel more satisfied in relationships where physical affection is shown more often. In struggling relationships, there may be warning signs related to a lack of touch.

Are You Touching Each Other Enough

If you have ever wondered if you are touching each other enough in your relationship, here are some things to consider:

• Elevated Arguments – Compliance is the goal in conversation. If you find yourself arguing with your partner more often than normal, this can indicate a lack of touching. Something as simple as a light touch to the upper arm can be a difference maker in gaining compliance during a heated conversation, without it communication can break down into arguments.

• Lack of Closeness – Men respond to women with heightened interest when they are touched. In fact, men often associate physical interest with even light non-lovemaking touching. If you are experiencing a lull in love-making evenings it might be because you are not touching enough at other times of the day.

• Feelings of Disconnection – If verbal communication seems to have stopped working you may feel lonely yet afraid to touch, usually from fear of rejection.

Love contact between two people is a complicated matter that can devolve quickly without a sufficient amount of touching. Touch is the earliest sense that humans develop as infants and touching from their parents not only helps them bond but reassures them. If you are wondering whether or not you and your partner are touching each other enough, please consider some of the indicators we have listed.

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