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8 Universal Truths About Losing Your Virginity

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8 Universal Truths About Losing Your Virginity

8 Universal Truths About Losing Your Virginity

When you ask a large group of individuals about how the experience of losing their virginity was, you are likely to get a wide array of different answers. Some people thoroughly enjoy their first sexual experience while others do not feel it is such a glamorous time, although the overall general consensus is first time sexual experiences rate much more enjoyable in recent years than more than 30 years ago. A recent study that was conducted by Susan Sprecher, who is a sex prolific scholar, shows that in the recent years individuals feel less guilt about losing their virginity and therefore feel much more pleasure during their first experience. Even though every individual’s personal experience will differ, there are 8 universal truths about losing your virginity.

Truths About Losing Your Virginity

1. It Is Going To Be Awkward

Your first sexual experience is usually in an inopportune place, such as the backseat of a car, and hardly ever gets points in the romantic department.

2. You Will Probably Not Experience An Orgasm

In order to be sexually pleasured and enjoy an orgasm, you have to be relaxed and enjoying the moment. More often than not nerves interfere with orgasms during your first sexual encounter.

3. You Are The Only Person Worried About Whether You Are A Virgin

When it comes down to your first time having sex, your partner will not be worried about whether you are a virgin. The excitement of having sex will quickly override any worries of you being a virgin.

4. “Popping Your Cherry” For Girls Is Not Quite Like They Claim It To Be

Before you lose your virginity all you hear about is how you will bleed and hurt afterwards. Yes, it is true it may hurt a bit and bleeding may occur, but the odds are you have already popped your cherry before you every had a sexual encounter.

5. You Quickly Learn What You Like And Do Not Like

Sex teaches you how you like to be touched and where you like to be touched. Intimate encounters with another individual will make you hyperaware of these feelings.

6. An Awkward First Experience Does Not Mean You Are Doomed To An Awkward Sex Life

Everyone’s first time having sex will be awkward in some way, form, or fashion, even if it is an enjoyable experience. Sex gets less awkward the more you do it.

7. It Will Not Go As Planned

No matter how long you plan for your first sexual experience to be a romantic moment, it will be as far from that as can be. The simple awkwardness of the whole experience takes away from being romantic.

8. Your Sex Life Only Gets Better With Time

The saying “Practice makes perfect” applies to your sex life. The more practice you get, the more you enjoy sex and learn how to pleasure both yourself and your partner.

Although everyone’s first sexual experience will be different, there are universal truths that can always be applied to losing your virginity.

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