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5 Things Smart, Single Men Look For In A Woman

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5 Things Smart, Single Men Look For In A Woman

5 Things Smart, Single Men Look For In A Woman

Many women think that physical beauty is the only thing that makes men choose a woman but that is not necessarily true. There are certain qualities that many men look for in a woman. Mentioned below is a list of 5 qualities that can impress many single and smart men.

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1. Friend and Lover
Men often like an environment of friendship around them. They like sharing their feelings and thoughts with friends, therefore they want their partner to be a friend and a lover. Like good friends who remain with us in good times and bad, they expect their partner to be with them in any kind of situation. A combination of love and friendship makes a woman more desirable and makes them more understanding and lovable.

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2. Independence
There is a common perception that men like women who are weaker and dependent on them so that they feel smarter and more authoritative, this is a myth. Most men expect the woman of their choice to be independent and self-reliant. Real men like those who inspire them with the way they live their life, someone they can look up to and one who will support them when they cripple emotionally . Women who value other things that are important to them like their own goals and ambitions along with their relationship are more attractive to men.

Sense of humor3. Sense of humor
If you go to any online dating site or matrimonial advertisement, many men list a good sense of humor as a primary requirement. Nobody wants to be in boring company. Physical attractiveness can work initially, however the sense of humor is something that works always. Very few women have the ability to make men laugh and if you can it can be one of your biggest assets. Do not try to be overly funny, it becomes evident and can make others irritated.

4. Less drama
Some women are known for Oscar-worthy dramatic performances with lots of tears. Most men do not like women who make issues of small things and give lectures about them. Some women cry about too many things, tears work sometimes, however overuse makes them useless in the long run. Keeping things simple and uncomplicated is a highly respected attribute.

5. Playful women
Many men love action around them, the adrenalin rush keeps them on their toes. They sometimes like playful activities and tend to associate more with people who engage them in such activities. Watching a football together or going to tennis practice together can really do the trick for you. This gives you more time spend together and makes you more desirable.

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