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7 Things You Need to Know About Your Colon

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7 Things You Need to Know About Your Colon

7 Things You Need to Know About Your Colon

Your colon is a digestive machine. Both the bowel system and large intestine are responsible for healthy, bodily processes, and their activity supports water, mineral and nutrient absorption. Maintaining colon health is incredibly important, as it benefits both general health and weight management efforts.

While the colon is a vital family organ, many fail to recognize its fragile structure. Irritable bowel syndrome is common, and ill-maintained colons are often its source. Keeping your colon healthy can reduce disease, diverticulosis and age-related maladies.

Things You Need to Know About Your Colon

The following facts are incredibly useful for colon health, and they can help you achieve a healthier, smoother lifestyle:

1. Fiber is Your Friend

Your colon thrives on fiber, and the material streamlines colon processes for daily routines and bowel passes. A diet full of fiber promotes healthy colon processes, and, when paired with a healthy dose of water and black beans, can improve digestive functions.

2. Colon Cancer is Widespread

Alaska Colon Health has dubbed colorectal cancer as “the second most deadly form of cancer”. However, proper colon screening and maintenance greatly reduces risk in both males and females between ages 30 and 60. Among the study’s screening, however, individuals forwent the colon exam:

• 61 percent of individuals obtained colorectal cancer screening.
• 72 percent of individuals obtained breast cancer screening.
• 81 percent of individuals received cervical cancer screening.

3. A Healthy Colon Reduces Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are inflamed rectum arteries and veins, and they’re incredibly painful. Straining bowel movements promote them, and a healthy colon reduces pressure placed upon rectal walls—reducing hemorrhoid-creating situations.

4. Diverticulosis Afflicts Many Adults

Diverticulosis is a condition defined by a colon’s “bulging” pouches. Diverticulosis.org has regarded the condition with lack of exercise and fruit. Both reduce colon health, and both can result in extreme abdominal pain and infection.

5. There’s a Quick Remedy for Constipation

Simple abdominal massages relieve constipation, and the following processes, when repeated for 10 minutes, can relieve colon pressure:

• Stroke the stomach beneath the rib cage
• Massage in a counter-clockwise motion, followed by a clockwise motion
• Conduct the massage in a sitting position

6. Antibiotics Increase Colon Absorption

Many suffer from fructose and lactose intolerance, but antibiotics can assist your colon’s material absorption. Inflammation, when prevalent, can cause excruciating pain and constipation—but a well-balanced diet supplemented with antibiotics can assist digestive processes.

7. Iron Assists Colon Aging

A healthy iron balance keeps a colon healthy, and it reduces cancer risk. While iron-rich foods are important, iron supplementation is available as a natural option.

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