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See What Happened To Her Face After She Stopped Picking Acne For A Week

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See What Happened To Her Face After She Stopped Picking Acne For A Week

It’s the bane of teenage, and sometimes adult, existence-acne. While not all teens suffer from this condition, it’s easy to distinguish the ones who do. While picking acne can be tempting, The Best On-the-Go DIY Cleansers for Acne-Prone Skin that Work!keeping your hands off your face has definite benefits. See what happened to this young woman when she decided to do a little pick-free experiment for one week.

Day 1

No major changes and the redness is still present. With renewed resolve and determination, she moves on to day two.

Day 2

After keeping her hands off her face for an entire day, the second day of the experiment turned out to be a bit easier. While no immediate changes were visible, she decided to continue on with her experiment.

Day 3

The midway point of any undertaking usually seems to be the hardest, and this case was no exception. Even though she’d managed to refrain from picking at her acne for two whole days, she was discouraged to notice even more pimples on day 3. Some well-applied foundation was more than enough to cover up the blemishes and give her the confidence and determination to continue her experiment.

Day 4

Even though her pores were still clogged, her skin began to show improvement.

Day 5

Just a few short days into this experiment, her skin had cleared up to the point of not having to use any foundation at all.

Day 6

When this experiment began, redness and irritation were prominent on her face. Six days after her vow to stop picking at her acne, the redness and irritation were greatly reduced.

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Day 7

Even though this short, small experiment didn’t give her perfect skin, her complexion did become clearer. While she still had a few pimples, they were less noticeable, and her facial skin looked nothing like it did before she began this experiment. The redness and irritation were gone, and she was quite happy with her decision to do this experiment.


If you suffer from acne, chances are you fall into at least one of the three categories of “face pickers”-Unconscious, Mirror, or Idle. If you fit into the first category, that means you pick at your face without even realizing it. This means that you’re constantly transferring germs from your fingers to your face, which increases your risk of developing acne and other unpleasant skin conditions, even herpes simplex. Eww.

If you’re a mirror picker, that means you are quite aware of when you’re picking at your acne. However, such enthusiasm for face picking sets you up for even more problems such as deep pustular cysts that are even more unattractive than the small pimples and blackheads you eagerly eradicated. Another issue is scarring, which will look a hundred times worse than the acne that is causing you grief. If you’re an idle picker, that means you randomly pick at your face while on the phone, in the car, during a boring meeting at work, etc. Keep in mind that other people can likely see what you’re doing. Again, eww.


The answer to obtaining clearer skin is simple-keep your hands off your face. The results will be well worth it.

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