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7 Biggest Mistakes Men Make In Relationships

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7 Biggest Mistakes Men Make In Relationships

7 Biggest Mistakes Men Make In Relationships

A healthy relationship requires two people pouring their best into it. Unhealthy relationships are often caused by the mistakes both partners make in their approach to the relationship. Below are the 7 biggest relationship mistakes that men make and how to resolve them.

Mistakes Men Make In Relationships

1. You Weren’t in the Moment

Guys often have short attention spans when it comes to communication, but communication is vitally important to the health of a relationship. Communicating with your partner leaves no room for multitasking. By thinking about other things like sports or work, you’re missing out on hearing what’s important to your partner.

2. You Didn’t Crown Her Queen

Many relationships suffer when the woman begins to feel either unimportant or less important than something else. The best relationships are often cultivated most by the value a man places on the woman he loves.

3. You Didn’t Fight for Her

No matter how much you love each other, disagreements are an inevitable part of being in a relationship. Men often make the mistake of fighting against their partner rather than fighting for her. A man who fights for his partner makes her feel safe and cared for.

4. You Weren’t Adventurous With Her

Relationships can grow stale when dating becomes routine by doing the same things over and over. Studies have shown that couples who spend their time trying out new activities are generally healthier.

5. You Didn’t Study Her

Though men are often all-too-aware that the women they’re in relationships with are complex, they often make the mistake of relying on surface knowledge in the way they relate to their partner without really understanding her.

6. You Made Her the Enemy

Many men develop a disposition of being afraid of their partner. For various reasons, men learn to fear the negative responses they may get from their partner when they make a mistake. This can quickly make your feelings for your partner to go south.

7. You Weren’t Trustworthy

Nothing destroys a relationship more quickly or more thoroughly than doing something that breaks down your partner’s trust in you. Nothing cultivates a relationship more than being dependable.

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