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10 Metabolism Boosting Food & Drinks

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10 Metabolism Boosting Food & Drinks

10 Metabolism Boosting Food & Drinks

Hi this is Ellie the newest member of Positivemed from Miami; while surfing the Web today I came  across this very interesting and informative Infographic Poster; that I wanted to share with you all. I had previously heard about Green Tea & Chilli Pepper even Cayenne Pepper for boosting the Metabolism but was pleasantly surprised to find out that Flaxseeds, Soybean, Chicken, Salmon, Beef, Water and Almonds have the same effect on the body. Specially being a Vegetarian I wasn’t very happy about the poster promoting Chicken and Beef for boosting the metabolism; also I’m not a big fan of Soybeans with the whole GMO issue and all. In conclusion I’m happy to know that the foods we consume on a daily basis have a positive effect on our Metabolism.


Metabolism boosting foods and drinks





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