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4 Ways To Find Out If You’re ‘In Love’ Or Just ‘In Lust’

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4 Ways To Find Out If You're 'In Love' Or Just 'In Lust'

4 Ways To Find Out If You’re ‘In Love’ Or Just ‘In Lust’

Am I in Love, or Am I in Lust

For all people seeking a relationship, it is utterly important to determine whether they are truly in love with their partner, or whether they are just in lust (i.e. merely physically attracted to their counterpart). The purpose of this article is to show you four ways to know whether you truly want romance or if you are just physically attracted.

4 Ways To Find Out If You're In Love Or Just In Lust

1. Naughty, or nice?

The first way to know whether it’s love or lust is by taking a moment to examine your actions. When you do something for your partner, is it because it makes you happy to see them happy? Or is it because you are hoping to get something in return for your good action? If making your partner happy brings you joy, you are in love. If you getting action is your end goal, you’re in lust, not love.

2. Check the eyes.

A recent scientific study showed that your eye locations show very detailed pictures about whether you’re in love or whether you just have the hots. Generally speaking, if your eyes are making contact with your partner’s time for over 95% of the time, you are in love. If you are constantly looking at your partner’s body, you’re in lust–plain and simple. Now, that isn’t to say that people in love aren’t physically attracted to each other. Of course they are! Looks were probably what got them introduced in the first place, we get that. But a person who is truly interested in their partner, in love with them, will be interested in what they have to say. And since 60% of communication is nonverbal, the large majority of it comes from the eyes–those luxurious gateways to one’s very heart and soul!

In love

3. Memory Matters

Do you remember important things that your partner tells you? If you do, you’re in love! If not, your disinterest in the events of their life usually shows that you’re in lust.

4. Calculation/Vulnerability

Finally, the biggest difference between love and lust is this: lust seeks to manipulate, while love displays vulnerability and weakness. If you are in love, you don’t mind “risking it for the biscuit”. But if you’re just lusting, your goal is always going to be to manipulate your partner until you get what you want, which is totally different.

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