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10 Things Women Like to Do Alone (Free From Men and Children)

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10 Things Women Like to Do Alone (Free From Men and Children)

10 Things Women Like to Do Alone (Free From Men and Children)

While many women love spending time with their husbands and kids, everyone needs some downtime. These are 10 moments a woman wants to spend by herself or with the girls.

Things Women Like to Do Alone

It is difficult to pay attention to the kids or look attractive while getting a strenuous workout.

TV Time
When a woman encounters drama in her own life, it is hard to keep up with her favorite television dramas. A quiet night in without distractions is perfect for a woman who wants to enjoy her shows in peace.

A girls-only getaway offers free time in an otherwise busy schedule.

Shopping for groceries, going to the dry cleaners or filling a prescription are not exactly fun, but women might enjoy errands when completing them alone.

Women-only networking events let women connect with others who face similar professional and personal experiences.

A day at the spa or even a few hours spent alone in the bathtub can be heavenly for a busy woman.

Happy Hour
Savoring a glass of wine alone may improve a woman’s mood, and a recent study from Sweden suggests that women who consume a moderate amount of alcohol and lead a healthy lifestyle have lower risk for strokes.

Solo Fun
Seeing a movie or going to brunch or dinner are usually considered activities for couples, but these entertaining events can be enjoyable alone. Women like having fun by themselves after particularly hectic weeks.

Many women have found that yoga, meditation, a specific exercise or another ritual provides strength and energy before a long day.

Others do not always realize how little time women really get to themselves. Husbands and children may interrupt women when on the phone, at work, out of the house, sleeping or in the bathroom, so women enjoy the opportunity to rest and do nothing for a change.

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