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What Is Your Magic $ex Number?

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What Is Your Magic $ex Number?

What Is Your Magic $ex Number?

Finding your magic number is important so that you can get all the benefits from “it”. $ex is good for you, but many people do not realize that. Many couples believe that it cures headaches, but in reality it can do much more than that when you are looking for the right number.


When you are having $ex once a week, you are going to help your body lose weight. Sleep helps to regulate the hormones that make your hungry, and making love helps your body release oxytocin. You will sleep better, and you will be more refreshed in the morning. When you have more energy, you can have more productive workouts.


People who have “it” twice a week have stronger immune systems. You want to make sure that you are making love more than once a week so that you can keep sickness away. When you get sick at the same time every year, you need to think of having more often to ward off those problems.

Three Times

Your heart is going to improve when you are having $ex several times per week. You will be able to get your heart pumping, and it is like getting a good workout. If you believe Bibi from For Your Eyes Only, it helps you to build muscle tone.

Four Times

A study done at Royal Edinburgh Hospital shows that those who make love four or more times per week look four to seven years younger. That glow that you get after is going to improve your skin if you are getting down often.

Five Times

Optimism is found in people who have $ex five or more times per week. You have a much better day when you had “it” the night before, and you want to be sure that you do it with your partner when you have had a bad day. You can improve your outlook greatly when you take note of what is right next to you.

Six Times

$ex increases blood flow to your brain, and it will help you keep your mind fresh. Many people have a much better day the next day because they can think more clearly. Imagine what you can do when you have had “it” the night before a long day at work.

Seven Times

Your mood will improve if you are able to have $ex every week, and it is wise for you to remember that having $ex every day of the week is going to strengthen your relationship greatly. That break you get together when you are making love will bring you closer together.

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