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15 Simple Recommendations for Self Control

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15 Simple Recommendations for Self Control

15 Simple Recommendations for Self Control

Do you have problems controlling your emotions? Are you frequently depressed? Your happiness depends a great deal on self-control.

Emotional chaos is toxic and self-destructive. Think about crimes committed because people are in turmoil. This kind of behavior can create permanent wounds in the nervous systems.

Emotional self-control is an essential component of emotional intelligence. For Daniel Goleman “its the ability to pause and not act by the first impulse, which has become a crucial learning today.” Its important to note that when we refer to self-control its not to dominate and control our emotions, but to express them or inhibit them in the right way.

15 simple recommendation for self control

Bear in mind everyone is entitled to express, think, or feel whatever we want, whenever you do not harm anyone. Emotional self-control is related to assertive behavior. Assertiveness allows us to defend our own rights, opinions, and feelings without harming or hurting others.

15 effective steps to achieve more self-control:

• Know yourself- Be vigilant and know the function of your instincts or passions. Remember the situation the last time you were aggressive or too passionate.

• Cultivate positive thoughts- Analyze each situation, try to discover their logic. Emotional chaos happens when you act without thinking.

• Exercise your will- Learn how to say no, to pleasure-related situations or risky situations. You will feel better in the long run.

• Identify the situations that irritate you the most and you will see the majority of them are not important. Emotional chaos won’t produce positive outcomes.

• Set goals when calm- Visualize as a calm person and change patterns to be there, exercise patience and tolerance.

• Practice all the relaxation methods or meditation practices that you might learn

• Take a walk, go for a vacation, look for nature and relax in the mountains or on the beach, let nature enchant you.

• Avoid alcohol- They can be relaxing but can cause addiction and interrupt the good functions of your brain.

• Don’t blame your nervous system for your lack of control- Your nervous system will act in function of your thoughts and emotions, don’t blame others as well.

• Avoid excess worry- You cannot change the past nor the future. Act more and worry less.

• Look for the actions and behaviors of people who lose control. Realize they are often bitter.

• Admire calm people, those who are easygoing, calm, and peaceful.

• Don’t be too upset or worried. This will not help at all, if you need to be distracted, go don’t hesitate to do something that relaxes you.

• Don’t make problems too big, try to see things from perspective.

• Never give up- Difficulties arise however not always as expected, be virtuous in being optimistic.

15 Simple Recommendations for Self-Control
By Andre Carvajal
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

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