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How to Know If You Have the Hair Loss Gene

How to Know If You Have the Hair Loss Gene

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Are you 25 and you are losing your hair and blaming your hair loss gene? Before you panic, you should remember that almost everyone loses hair naturally and routinely. Therefore, the fact that your comb looks more clotted does not exactly mean baldness is knocking. Essentially, if the hair is falling out in some odd clumps, you may be getting some serious stress response or some kind of illness. Do not seek advice from your barber but consult your doctor.

How to Know If You Have the Hair Loss Gene

Nearly about two out of three men will start balding by the time they are getting 60. Collectively, American males spend about $1billion a year trying to fight baldness with little or no success. While there is no cure for a shiny scalp, there are many causes that many men worry about that they need to.

There are potential contributors to hair loss such as age, illness, primping habits, and genetic. There are flurries of myths that contribute to the anxiety of men, if not baldness itself.

Scientists monitored the genes of 23,000 men. About half of them suffered from hair loss and discovered 63 genes that were associated with early baldness patterns in men. Some of these genes also denoted other physical characteristics such as height, bone density, and skin color.

Why Most People Worry About Hair Loss? 

To worry about the hair loss gene is easy because;

• There is almost nothing you can do about it.
• It feels like a time-bomb sitting deep in your body and about to strike.

The good news about the guys is that you have solace from those who buck the trend. Think Robert Downey Jnr, Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman, Mark Wahlberg, and Seth Green. None are towering in stature. They see a good head of hair staring back to them when they look in the mirror.

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While we are at it, here are some more famous names such as Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, and ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Each man is above 6ft and none even boasts a float of hair on their plates. What is more, these are bald men who have got in the world. With pride they wear chrome domes and remind the world that hair may not be fair, but neither must the loss be a scare. Baldness can be handsome– or beautiful if that will make you feel more masculine.

Where to Get Comfort? 

Nevertheless, none of these will be of factual comfort to the hair loss worryguts. Some people have spent more than £40,000 and underwent about ten hair transplants. But from what has been discovered from hair loss sufferers, the gene for baldness is more than a lottery. In the same way, you can be born with supermodel good looks, pitch-perfect tone, knock-knees or cleft palate, you can or not affected by hair loss.

There are many dubious tales out there to explain if you have the hair loss gene. For example, you might be told throughout your younger years you would lose your hair because your uncle lost his. Perhaps you check your hairline in the mirror every other morning, worried that you will see gaps in your thatch. The truth is that there is no fast and hard rule except if you tug at your strands in the mirror every morning, most likely you will go bald.

The Truth about Hair Loss Gene

You should look at the hair of your maternal granddad’s hair. If he is somewhat thin on top that is an indication that you should expect to see the same on your scalp as the years go by. This is to the extent that science backs this up, as there is a gene that is carried by the X chromosome that results to balding. Nevertheless – and this is quite a big however-men with balding fathers have been shown to be more likely bald themselves; therefore it cannot just be the genes you inherit from your mother that tells your risk of balding.

The truth is that while certain scientific studies have found links between balding and genes, there is still one definitive way to tell if you have the gene. Look in the mirror. If you are bald or balding, then you have it. Guessing, worrying, speculation, prophesying, and wondering are exercises in futility.

The important thing is that you do not see hair loss as a ‘short straw.’ If the baldness that you have does not worry you, wear it like a badge of honor. If it does, there are many solutions. Focusing on your strengths instead of accepting baldness as some kind of weakness is the ideal way to be a winner in your life.

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