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The 5 Secrets To Help Your Jeans Fit Using Weight Loss Science

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The 5 Secrets To Help Your Jeans Fit Using Weight Loss Science

The 5 Secrets To Help Your Jeans Fit Using Weight Loss Science

You have those perfect jeans that will make you look absolutely spectacular, but you may have put on a few pounds and find that you need to lose some weight. Where to begin? You can pick up any diet book, find countless magazine articles, even watch the t.v. and internet weight loss channels, and much of the information won’t be at all helpful. What do you do? For weight loss solutions, look to science!

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1 – Eat a good breakfast

There is a myth that skipping breakfast can help you to lose weight. The thing to remember is this: it’s what you eat, and how much that affects your weight. The Dairy Council of California recently reported that those dieters, who successfully lost and kept their weight off, ate a smart breakfast. Many who get up in the morning and rush off to work find comfort in grabbing a fast food breakfast or worse, a sugary doughnut. While these quick foods can make us feel good for the moment, the calories from these toxic-like foods will be stored as fat (and most definitely will not help you to fit into those nice jeans). While not as satisfying to the soul, a cup of low-fat yogurt, a piece of fruit, or even a slice of whole grain bread with peanut butter is a much better choice. The same study also concluded that variety can help dieters maintain good healthy eating habits, so don’t feel as though you have to limit yourself to plain yogurt every day, mix it up.


• Eat a smart breakfast

• Enjoy a variety of low-calorie foods

2 – Graze smartly throughout the day and keep yourself hydrated

The U.K.’S Daily Mail published an article in October 2014, reporting that eating small amounts of the right types of food (such as fruit and vegetable snacks), will keep yourself from feeling overly hungry, preventing you from indulging in between snacks or gorging on full meals). Drink a glass of water before and after each nibble. this will help speed up your metabolism and in most cases, depending on what you eat, can actually burn more calories than you consume. Eating and digesting foods which are high in fiber, causes your body to spend more energy in the eating and digestive processes.

Help Your Jeans Fit


• Enjoy small amounts of smart foods throughout the day

• Drink a glass of water before and after each grazing

3 – Watch calories and stay away from sugar and starches

The most important part of any plan to fit into those gorgeous jeans is to remove sugars and starches from your diet. These are the foods that help stimulate production of insulin, which is the main fat storage hormone in your body. Know that when insulin levels go down, your body has an easier time burning fat, instead of storing it. Starchy foods (rice, white bread, pasta, beer, just to name a few) increase insulin production, telling your body to store fat.


• Eat foods which are low in calories and sugar

• Avoid starchy foods

4 – Multivitamin supplements

Not surprisingly, foods which are high in nutrients can contribute to weight loss. It may be difficult to eat in such a way as to adequately take in sufficient amounts of vitamins and nutrients to help your body operate the way that it should; a multivitamin can be the answer. In a recent study published by the National Institute of Medicine, it was reported that those who took daily supplements, combined with a smart diet, were able to lose weight and keep it off.

It may be noteworthy to also mention that while not reported in the study, it was thought that these same individuals looked 97% better in their jeans (smile, you are on the right path to looking and feeling terrific.)


• Eat healthy foods which are chocked full with nutrients

• Take a daily vitamin supplement

5 – Eat protein with each meal

Your body needs, and therefore craves protein. When you eat non-protein foods, your body feels as if it is still hungry, because it didn’t get what it needs. When you eat foods which are high in protein, your body feels less hungry, and it will be easier for you to eat less.

Additionally, protein helps repair skin, bone, and muscle tissue, helping you to look healthy.


• Eat foods which are high in protein

Losing weight and looking great can be hard. But, with just a smidgeon of science, you can do it – you know you can!

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