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How to Keep Bugs Away From Plants, Organically

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How to Keep Bugs Away From Plants, Organically

How to Keep Bugs Away From Plants, Organically

It is important to know that certain insects are a naturally and necessary element of a healthy garden or landscape, for example bees and butterflies pollinate flowers, while insect larvae often mix and aerate soil, but on the other hand, there are some insects that cause damage by eating plant leaves and buds, sucking plant juices, boring into roots and tubers or eating fruit. Of course you don’t want to kill all bugs, and the garden too, or to fill it with toxins from pesticides, there are natural and organic ways to keep bugs away, check out the following:

Plant strong-smelling flowers and herbs such as marigold, mint, wormwood and catnip as companions to vulnerable plants. This also works to keep rabbits out of your garden.

Do not spray the larvae of ladybugs, praying mantis, lace bugs, and other beneficial insects, to encourage them to recognize the adult insects and their larvae, in fact introduce them to the garden.

Cayenne pepper is great for keeping bugs, especially ants, away from your garden. Simply sprinkle the spicy stuff on top of the dirt in your garden. You will have to add more on a regular basis, as watering will wash it away.

Use insecticidal soap to spray insects’ infestation, such as aphids, mites, larvae, and other soft-bodies creatures that feed out on outside plant parts.

A dish soap and water solution sprayed over your plants is the perfect way to keep aphids away.

Eggshells around the borders of your garden keep deer and elk from snacking on your plants.

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How to Keep Bugs Away From Plants, Organically

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