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The Type of Apple That Could Help You Lose Weight

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The Type of Apple That Could Help You Lose Weight

The Type of Apple That Could Help You Lose Weight

There are seemingly endless ways to lose weight. However, one key principle has never changed: To lose weight, you have to create a caloric deficit. It literally requires a deficit of approximately 3,500 calories in order to lose just one single pound of fat. While dietary modifications are typically an important aspect in achieving this deficit, there’s no particular food that will magically boost your overall results, although green apples can certainly help.

How Green Apples Help You Lose Weight

Green Apples and Weight Loss

Because green apples are rich in fiber and low in calories, they’re an ideal choice to add to your weight loss plan. In fact, recent studies show that eating tart green apples is directly related to successfully managing weight. That’s not to say, however, that you’re guaranteed to lose weight just by eating green apples. Eating too many of them will in fact make it harder to incorporate other necessary daily nutrients during your weight loss regimen. Variety is best.


Watching your calorie count is a natural part of losing weight no matter what you choose to eat. But, just one cup of chopped green apples only has 64 calories vs. sugary bananas that contain over twice that amount coming in at 135 calories per cup. As mentioned, you must burn more calories than what you consume in order to achieve weight loss. Consider replacing high calorie foods with fresh green apples instead and you can significantly lower your overall daily calorie count, which can lead to a weekly weight loss of nearly 1 pound.

The Benefits of Fiber

Green apples are brimming with nutritious fiber and help you feel fuller longer to help you shed unwanted pounds. A recent study published earlier this year revealed that dietary fiber decreases hunger, enhances satiety, and is considered very useful for weight loss. Dietary experts recommend eating a minimum of 14 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories consumed, which equals about 21 grams of healthy fiber for every 1,500 calories consumed. One cup of chopped green apples contains 3 grams of fiber.

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Food, Diet, and Portion Sizes

Rather than focusing all your attention on just one single kind of food, take a closer look at your entire diet in order to discover helpful ways to restrict your calories. For instance, limiting your portion sizes to more manageable amounts is a very effective way to decrease calories. The same goes for what you’re eating including a healthy variety of vegetables, fruits, legumes, low-fat dairy, and whole grains. If you can successfully produce a deficit of at least 250 calories per day, you’ll be able to lose approximately a half to one pound of fat each week.

A Healthy Mix

Because protein increases satiety better than fat or carbs as well as improves overall energy, it’s best to combine green apples with protein-based foods to keep you fuller longer since green apples have less than one gram of protein a cup. Try combining green apple slices with seeds, nuts, various cheeses, egg whites, or protein-rich yogurt for a healthy, satisfying snack.

Like the doctor says, eat an apple a day to keep him away, which is especially true when it comes to crisp green apples. They’re truly one of nature’s best foods due to their rich blend of essential vitamins and nutrients and should ideally be a natural part of everyone’s diet every day.

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