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10 Things To Do Throughout The Day To Lose Weight

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10 Things To Do Throughout The Day To Lose Weight

10 Things To Do Throughout The Day To Lose Weight

So you want to lose weight without missing a beat of your busy day, and you’re seeking ways mesh your diet plan with it all? Guess what? We have ten small acts you can try in tandem each day to melt pounds away.

Things To Do Throughout The Day To Lose Weight

1. Did you remember your Vitamin D today?

A 2009 study at the University of Minnesota revealed a significant relationship between successful diets and Vitamin D. Researchers found test subjects with a higher level of Vitamin D in their body tended to lose weight, while test subjects with a Vitamin D deficiency tended have trouble losing weight.

2. Where did you walk today?

Try to walk after meals, and take the option to walk anytime you have the choice.

3. Did you plan your meals today?

A successful diet means planning your meals each day. It helps if you pack your lunch too. Count your calories, and always look for a low fat substitute to your favorite meals.

4. Focus on your meal.

Stop watching television while you eat. Don’t answer your emails. Do nothing, except eat. Focus on what you eat, and you will consume less.

5. What are you drinking today?

The Mayo Clinic has compiled a fascinating body of info about links between staying hydrated with plenty of water and successful dieting. Avoid sodas at all costs. Staying away from all sugary drinks as well as coffee are also wise choices.

6. No late night snacks allowed.

Those late night snacks are killing your diet plans. Avoid eating at least 3 hours before sleep.

7. Always use small plates.

Take the large plates out of your kitchen. Fool your mind, and shed some pounds. Try using a larger fork as well. You might as well go all the way.

8. Meditate.

Zen out when you’re feeling stressed, and make it a daily practice. Find your mantra. Find your method. Studies have shown time and time again that stress can inhibit your ability to lose weight.

9. Don’t eat everything.

Leave a few bites of food on your plate for each meal, and you’ll shave off your calorie intake with ease.

10. Did you eat a great breakfast today?

Start your morning – every morning – with a healthy breakfast. Many successful dieters share this daily habit. Instead of a bagel, have an egg. Eat a handful of delicious fruit. Don’t forget your glass of water, and try to avoid coffee. Although coffee’s role in weight loss is hotly debated, many studies suggest coffee may either inhibit weight loss or play a role in causing obesity.

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