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Husbands Get Lucky More Often If They Do THIS

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Husbands Get Lucky More Often If They Do THIS

Husbands Get Lucky More Often If They Do THIS

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It is a new age where men and women share many of the same responsibilities. However, many women still feel overwhelmed by home responsibilities and their love lives are suffering. Studies show that helping women around the house more is linked to a better love life. Here’s how dividing chores helps husbands get lucky more often.

Husbands Get Lucky More Often If They Do THIS

When women feel overwhelmed it is more often due to partners not contributing enough to household chores. In the end, the magic in the bedroom starts to fade and when the lights turn off only snoring can be heard.

New studies reveal a link where helping women around the house increases a couple’s love life. According to the article “Husbands who Share Household Chores…” presented on Your Tango by Associate Editor Christine Shoenwald, couples who contribute more to the household and divide chores equally are found to be more romantically inclined toward one another.

When men give back, women return the favor and vice versa. They also find that relationship quality and stability is heightened when partners dedicate more time and effort to the home (i.e. cooking, cleaning, children, etc.).

The Huffington Post released a brief story “Splitting Household Chores…,” by Taryn Hillin, which discusses co-laboring in the household and the results of relational satisfaction. It is important to note that when it comes to a healthy love life both partners need to equally contribute to the home where the magic happens. They find that changing up chores and roles make for a livelier relationship.

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How do you contribute equally to the home? Well, the best advice would be to ask the women. Good communication and effort into the home will lead to positive results. Women are more inclined to pay closer attention to the needs of the house. What does she need done? What gender stereotyped roles should be switched around more often? Don’t just take the garbage out and call it good. It is important to switch up roles to ensure that everyone can share the weight of each role equally. Do women usually cook and men usually grill? Try something new so that gender stereotyped roles are a thing of the past such as women’s expectation to cook and clean.

Why do couples connect better when chores are equally divided? When the weight of the household is lifted from the shoulders of women there is more time and emotion to give back. The feeling of being overwhelmed or overworked often leads to stress.

Stress is a major romance deterrent, which is what Healthy Women reveals in their piece by Pamela Peeke, MD. They show how stress is often linked to levels of fatigue and an unresponsive love life. When one person is left with the majority of the house work it only leads to more stress. Equally contributing to household chores not only destresses but also creates more time for relationship. More time for relationship means more time in the bedroom.

A study was done by The Detroit News on “Couples who Share Chores…” that showed women with higher levels of satisfaction when their partners did more work around the home. In the past, conventional roles used to lead to a better love life. However, today with the new age of gender equality, fairness boosts romance and inequality dampers it.

So what is the key to success in the bedroom? Partners who contribute to the household work equally.

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