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Vaginal Birth Comes With Risks Too – So Should It Really be The Default Option?

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Many pregnant women assume they will experience a vaginal birth, but it’s not always the safest option. A cesarean section might be necessary when the health of the mother or child is at risk. Cesarean sections are often needed when the baby needs to be delivered quickly. Your doctor will recommend the best birthing option based on your medical history and pregnancy complications. Learn more about the dangers of vaginal birth to determine if it’s the right option for you. 

Vaginal Birth Comes With Risks Too – So Should It Really be The Default Option

Breeched Births 

A breached birth occurs when the baby’s feet are positioned towards the birth canal. Your doctor might anticipate a breached birth if the baby hasn’t turned by 36 weeks of pregnancy. A breached baby can cause a variety of complications during labor. A cesarean section is the best option for a high-risk birth.

Cord Prolapse 

A cord prolapse happens when the baby enters the birth canal behind the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord’s blood flow can be compromised during cord prolapse. A cord prolapse is considered to be a high risk birth. An emergency cesarean section is usually needed to ensure the baby is delivered safely.

Vaginal Tears 

Most women will experience some degree of vaginal tear during labor. A vaginal tear occurs when the tissue hasn’t stretched enough for the baby to pass through the birth canal. Most vaginal tears will heal on their own, but severe tears might require medical attention. The best way to prevent vaginal tears is to plan a cesarean section. 



Hemorrhaging during labor can be a very scary experience for an expecting mother. This pregnancy complication occurs when a woman experiences heavy bleeding during the delivery. The causes of hemorrhage include placental abruption and tearing of the cervix. Excessive bleeding could stop on its own when the baby passes through the birth canal. Your doctor might be able to anticipate the possibility of hemorrhage before labor beings. A cesarean section will be needed if excessive bleeding continues to occur during the delivery. 

Birth Canal Issues

A cesarean section might be the only option for women with birth canal issues. Some babies are too large to travel through the birth canal. A traditional delivery might not be possible for women with a narrow pelvis. Cesarean sections are recommended for expecting mothers with uterine fibroids that might block the birth canal. It’s dangerous for the baby to remain in the birth canal too long. Your doctor might recommend a cesarean section if your labor lasts more than 20 hours. 

Vaginal births might be the most common birthing method, but it’s not always the best option for every woman. Cesarean sections are recommended when the baby is breached or enters the birth canal behind the umbilical cord. Vaginal deliveries can be dangerous when women experience heavy bleeding or prolonged labor. It’s important for women to discuss labor options with their doctor to ensure safe delivery. 

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