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How Coffee Could Be Killing Your Friendly Relation Drive

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How Coffee Could Be Killing Your Friendly Relation Drive

How Coffee Could Be Killing Your Friendly Relation Drive

Sure, drinking coffee gives you a buzz, but not necessarily in the bedroom. The trick is to know how much of it you should drink. A natural stimulant, the caffeine in coffee can improve your mood, increase brain power and boost performance. Drink too much, however, and it will also boost your stress and anxiety levels, not quite the combination that puts you in the mood for love.

Here is what happens when you have more coffee than you should:

Frequent urination
• Increased stress
• Increased anxiety
• Reduced testosterone levels in women

Diuretic effect

Coffee is a natural diuretic, which means it leads to frequent urination, especially when you indulge in overconsumption. This can be not only inconvenient but it can kill your Friendly Relation drive. The urge to urinate can interfere with your natural Friendly Relation urges. Plus, it’s hard to get in the mood for romance when you’re constantly bolting for the toilet.


Too much coffee can also negatively affect your stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline. An increase in stress hormone levels can wear your body down. It can make you more nervous, tense and less productive. It also impacts the Friendly Relation hormones, leading to a plunge in Friendly Relation desire. If you already have daily stress in your life, drinking too much coffee on top of it can mean the death of your libido.


Anxiety is a natural by-product of stress, and increased anxiety has a similar effect on Friendly Relation drive: it kills it. Not surprisingly, your body is less responsive to Friendly Relation stimulation when you’re anxious. If you do manage to become aroused, anxiety can creep in to make it short-lived. You’re too busy worrying to be able to relax and experience pleasure. Your mind, too, becomes your enemy, distracting you with thoughts of problems. If you are already experiencing anxiety, adding coffee to the mix is only going to enhance the problem and make things worse in the bedroom.

Lower testosterone in women

Testosterone is the primary male Friendly Relation hormone, but women have it, too. Testosterone affects Friendly Relation desire. The higher your testosterone levels, the higher your desire for Friendly Relation. Unfortunately, coffee has been linked to decreased testosterone levels in women, thus a decrease in Friendly Relation drive. It seems that the more interested they are in coffee, the less interested they are in Friendly Relation.

Everyone tolerates coffee differently, so that key is to know your limits. If you find yourself thinking more fondly about your next cup of joe than your next date with your mate, it might be wise to scale back for better luck in the sack.

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