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5 Best Essential Oils for Hair Reparation

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5 Best Essential Oils for Hair Reparation

5 Best Essential Oils for Hair Reparation

Essential oils are oils that are extracted from the plant in a way that preserves all the qualities and effects of that plant. Essential oils are considered to be hydrophobic liquids and they have the scent and many other beneficial qualities of the plant they come from. These have many uses, but at this point, we will focus on the effects these oils have on hair. People who use essential oils for their hair care claim that they can be used to cure almost any problem you may have with your hair: dull, weak hair, dandruff, alopecia, lack of shine, split ends and the like. They can also affect color and the health of hair in general. Here are some of the oils that are most frequently used for hair care, together with their effects.

5 Best Essential Oils for Hair Reparation


This oil is so good for your hair that it is called liquid gold. Its properties allow it to feed your hair with vitamins E and F and moisturize it at the same time. This makes it a perfect treatment for split ends, hair without shine and the overall health of your hair. This oil will also protect your hair from the effects of the sun and if you have curls, it will make them easy to manage and form. This is multi-purpose hair oil that you should definitely try out. If you want to try one essential oil on your hair, make it Argan oil.


If you have dandruff or any other infections and similar conditions on your scalp, then castor oil is the right choice for you. This oil contains a lot of minerals and vitamins and it has anti-microbial properties. This means that all the issues you may have on your scalp that come from microbes or poor nutrition of the skin of your scalp can be solved by careful use of castor oil. You need to know that it is very viscose and extremely hard to wash of your hair once you put it on.


We all know about the beneficial properties of olive oil and how much vitamin E it has got. All those properties will do wonders for your hair as well. Frequent and regular use of olive oil on your hair will make it rich, shiny, soft and luxurious. It can prevent it from being all frizzle and easily broken.


This oil has the ability to penetrate into the hair follicles and make them grow hair more, better and faster. It also nourishes the hair, repairs split ends, makes it look healthy, glowing and silky. It is definitely one of the best choices for hair oil. Coconut oil contains a lot of vitamins and anti-oxidants and that is how it gives your hair healthy look.


Jojoba oil has a very wide range of things it can do for your hair. This oil will help it grow faster, it will reduce dandruff, it will prevent your hair from falling out and many more. Definitely hair oil that you should try.

Let’s say that you have chosen your essential oil, like, for example macadamia natural oil and now you want to use it. Here is how it’s being done. First of all, you will need a carrier oil for your essential oil. You should not apply the essential oil directly to your hair or skin for that matter. First, put a couple of drops of essential oil into a few tablespoons of the carrier oil. When you mix them, you will have a mixture that can go directly on your hair. Rub it into your scalp and then apply it all the way from the roots to the ends of your hair. If you have the time, leave the oil in your hair overnight for the maximum effects. However, you may also apply it on clean and dry hair after washing or several times during the washing as long as you feel that your hair is oiled.

Don’t be afraid to use several oils at once as they are good and healthy. Experiment with different oils and carrier oils until you find the perfect combination that works the best for you.

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