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10 Uses Of Baby Oil For Everyone Around The House

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10 Uses Of Baby Oil For Everyone Around The House

10 Uses Of Baby Oil For Everyone Around The House

Baby oil is great for keeping skin smooth and supple, but it’s not just for personal care. Made of just mineral oil and fragrance, there are a ton of uses for it in and around the house.

10 Uses of Baby Oil For Everyone Around The House

10. Use it to break down latex. Oil is not kind to rubber and latex, which is why you should never use it with condoms or diaphragms. This quality makes it perfect for getting latex paint off of skin, hardwood floors and painting supplies. Just swab it on and then wipe away the paint after a few minutes. It also works on rubber cement, temporary tattoos and the adhesive on bandages.

9. It works to untangle knotted chains. If the delicate 14k-gold necklace your partner gave you for your birthday is hopelessly tangled, rubbing some baby oil over the knot will help it to loosen. You can also use a few drops to get a stuck ring off of your finger.

8. Use it to clean out your ears. Pouring peroxide in your ears can be harsh, yet plain water may not be enough to get the job done. Baby oil, warmed up just a bit, is great for breaking up and dissolving ear wax. Dribble a few drops in, then allow it to drain back out.

7. It’s perfect as a shaving lotion or post-shave sealant. If shaving creams leave you with bumps, lumps or other irritations and soap leaves you feeling dried out and flaky, baby oil might be just the shaving solution you’re looking for. If you experience post-shave dryness, you can also use baby oil once you’ve finished to help lock in moisture.

6. Baby oil can double as furniture polish. If you’re out of Old English and company is on the way, you can use a few drops to shine up the coffee table before company arrives. Not only does it put on a lovely shine, it will also help keep unsightly water marks off the tabletop.

5. Use it to remove candle wax and bubblegum from body hair. If your daughter comes home from school with a wad of gum lodged in her waist-length locks, you don’t necessarily need to get the scissors out right away. Drench the gob in baby oil and it will come right out. This also works if you splash candle wax onto your arm. It will also remove salon wax, in case the lady who waxed your brows didn’t notice the chunk of wax she dripped in your hair.

4. It’s a great polish for stainless steel. Stainless steel appliances are all the rage in some areas, yet they are notorious for attracting fingerprints and dust. Use a tiny amount of baby oil on a cloth to shine your appliances and you’ll see right away how the prints and smears just don’t stick like they used to.

3. Baby oil is perfect for avoiding soap scum and mold. Putting a thin layer of shower curtains, shower doors and the tub surround will form a thin barrier that prevents soap scum, mold and hard water stains from building up.

2. You can use it to silence a creaking floor board. Just locate the joint that is making the noise and trickle some baby oil between them. This will provide some lubrication and stop that irritating creak! You can also use it on squeaky door hinges.

1. Baby oil is perfect for taking care of leather. Everything from purses to jackets to your briefcase can use the moisture of baby oil. Just rub in a small amount with a clean cloth to keep your leather supple and beautiful.

Baby oil has a wide range of uses around the home. Why pay more for special products when one small bottle of baby oil has the power to handle so many different tasks?

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