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10 Clever Ways to Use Q-Tips

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10 Clever Ways to Use Q-Tips

10 Clever Ways to Use Q-Tips

One of the best things ever created was the Q-Tip. Ever versatile and useful, this little tool can be used for pretty much anything, with the most common uses being cleaning or makeup application. Believe it or not, however, there are some surprising and clever ways to use Q-Tips that can actually make your life infinitely easier.

10 Clever Ways to Use Q-Tips

• Pet maintenance
Naturally, a pet’s face is super delicate. Using a Q-Tip to clean up around their little eyes or noses can not only make your life easier but also make them like you just that much more.

• Cleaning your keyboard
Sometimes when you’re in a pinch and need to clean your keyboard, a Q-Tip is a fantastic device to use. You can dig into the small spaces and get rid of anything blocking the keys opposed to clothes or brushes.

• Lighting candles
If you can’t quite reach the wick of your candle, go ahead and light the end of a Q-Tip. This will give you the reach space you need to light that stubborn wick quickly.

• Stubborn and sticky zippers
Dipping a Q-Tip in some oil and running it down a pesky zipper that is stuck usually helps grease it up, solving your issue right away.

• Auto detailing
With the small size of a Q-Tip, detailing the small nooks and crannies of a car’s interior becomes essentially a breeze. Either use the swab alone or add some cleaner to it for some efficient cleaning.

10 Clever Ways to Use Q-Tips 1

• Painting
Don’t have paintbrushes or not interested in cleaning up your kid’s art mess, toss them some Q-Tips. They make great tools for painting projects and can just be thrown away afterwards.

• Root touch up
Are you in between dye jobs and need to touch up those roots? Simply add some eye shadow that is the same color as your hair to a Q-Tip and dab it around your roots, slowly dragging the color out to blend it all in.

• Perfume retouching
Wearers of perfume know that their signature scent can fade throughout the day. By spraying some on Q-Tips and storing them in a Ziploc bag, you can retouch your scent whenever you need!

• Get rid of a pesky pimple
It is common knowledge that popping your pimples can scar your skin and spread the break out. Instead, you can wash your face with hot water and use two Q-Tips to press against the pimple. Take it gently in order to prevent any skin damage, though.

• Save the last bit
Want that extra smidgen of mascara or lip gloss out of the bottle? Poke around with a Q-Tip and apply accordingly, as they make fantastic applicators.

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