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The 9 Fats You Need to Lose Weight

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The 9 Fats You Need to Lose Weight

The 9 Fats You Need to Lose Weight

There is a kind of fat that you want to lose in 10 days (like Kate Hudson’s Andie) and there is the other kind – the good kind – that you want to add to your diet regularly (like the soporific but relevant ending of that movie).


The bad fat or trans-fat makes its way into your body through finger licking French fries and delicious buttery spreads. These fats are so bad for you that even reading about them can clog your arteries. Saturated fats found in palm oil, cheese, butter and meat have a Ross and Rachel kind of relationship with your body – it’s complicated. The good fats are polysaturated fats (omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids) and monosaturated fats. These are 9 foods that deliver these fats to you –

1. Hard Boiled Egg – Letting that egg boil for a little while longer can actually help you shed those extra pounds quickly. If you can find eggs enriched in Omega-3, it would be even better. Egg that weight loss on!

2. Healthy Trail Mix – Snack on your weight-loss inducing trail mix containing apricots, cranberries, walnuts and raisins. Walnuts are the most important part of this delicious mix as they have omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids in the perfect ratio. Munch on these for less-prominent love handles.

3. Flaxseed Salad Topping – Who doesn’t like a salad with a crunch? Sprinkling about 2 tbsp. of flaxseeds on top of your fresh salad can give you a boost of omega-3 fatty acids and speed up your weight loss regime. So, ‘flax’ the muscles in your body with this healthy addition.

4. Green Smoothie – This weight loss smoothie has spinach (1/2 cup), raw cacao powder (1 tbsp.), coconut oil (1 tbsp.) and fresh almond milk (2 cups). The omega 3 fatty acids of spinach will send your metabolism skyrocketing.

5. Yogurt plus Macadamia Nuts – Macadamia nuts contain 83% of the essential weight loss fats your body needs to struggle through your strict regime. So, just add these nuts to your yoghurt when you head back from work and have a hot-dog craving.

The 9 Fats You Need to Lose Weight

6. Mini Bruschetta – Olives are heavenly to eat and heavenly for weight loss as well. And bruschetta has both olive and olive oil. Make a mini one and also add some fresh tomatoes to have a delicious and scrumptious snack. Ah, can’t you just feel it crunching in your mouth?

7. Salmon Roll – Make a quick standard salmon roll with healthy ingredients (think whole wheat) and watch those omega 3 fatty acids perform their magic.

8. Almond Snack – Getting late for work and don’t have time for breakfast. Don’t forget to grab a handful of almonds on your way out. Vitamin E and healthy fats are good for you but alpha-linoleic acid is an actual fat-burning wizard.

9. Guacamole – Avocado is the haven of good fats and when you think avocado, you think guacamole. Get some pita in whole wheat and there is your weight loss brunch.

So, remember – not all fat is bad, some is better than anything else.

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