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10 Foods Even Experts Won’t Eat

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10 Foods Even Experts Won't Eat

10 Foods Even Experts Won’t Eat

An ever-growing concern exists about the methods used to get the foods that grace our tables. Experts employed in various areas of the food industry consider healthy foods as fruits, vegetables and meats that have little to no contact with artificial processes. Most recommend selecting organic only. Individuals, companies or corporations in today’s world may be involved with production that people seemingly in the know do not consider clean or environmentally friendly. Some avoid specific foods and recommend that the public do the same.

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1) Canned Tomatoes

According to some endocrinologists, the combination of acid-laden tomatoes and resin-lined cans causes the release of toxic bisphenol-A into the food. BPA has been associated with cellular damage in children, chromosomal damage, reduced sperm production, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

2) Nonorganic Vegetables

Certain corporate farm managers warn that the plants growing root vegetables, and potatoes in particular, are regularly dosed with a number of fungicides, herbicides and pesticides, which leach into the soil and the produce. Once removed from the ground, potatoes are directly exposed to more chemicals that retard sprouting and spoilage. They also claim that washing the vegetables does not eliminate the toxins.

3) GMO Unfermented Soy

There are biotech engineers who claim that genetically altered foods wreak havoc with hormones and cause cancer. Soy is on the list. Furthermore, there is something about the lack of a fermentation process that also proves unhealthy.

4) Raw Sprouts

Health food junkies beware. Raw sprouts, whether alfalfa or bean, often become contaminated with E. coli. To be safe, grow your own.

5) No Apples Today

Some agribusiness executives report that because apple tree species are commonly grafted into each other, the fruit is not pest resistant, which means chemical exposure. Though some might argue that these chemicals are not harmful, farm workers strangely have a high incidence of cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

6) Milk Does Not Do A Body Good

When the cow has been injected with artificial growth hormones or insulin growth factors to boost milk production, cancer researchers warn that the animals commonly develop udder infections, which pass into the milk. These hormones have also been known to cause cancer in people.

7) Corn-Fed Beef

Eco-friendly farmers believe that cattle should be eating grass, not corn, soybeans or other grains that encourage fast weight gains. Grass fed beef supposedly contains higher levels of different vitamins, minerals and amino acids, while being lower in saturated fats.

8) Forget The BBQ

Barbecues are often associated with sauce-slathered meats, poultry or even fish. However, over-cooked or charred meats undergo chemical changes that include the production of heterocyclic amines, which form at high temperatures. These chemicals cause cancer.

9) Farmed Salmon

While swimming in the increasingly polluted ocean waters is not enough, now the fish are subjected to an array of abuse on fish farms. Crammed into small pens, salmon consume everything from chicken feathers and litter, in addition to soy. The conditions also include exposure to antibiotics and a host of cancerous chemicals.

10) Microwave Popcorn

Toxicologists have a problem with this popular treat because of the perfluorooctanoic acid found in the bag linings. The chemical is also connected with infertility and an increased likelihood for developing various cancers. These harmful substances remain in the body and accumulate as years go by.

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