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What A Man’s Shoes Say About Him

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What A Man's Shoes Say About Him

What A Man’s Shoes Say About Him

The first thing girls look at when they meet a guy are his shoes. The choice of shoes reveals how mature the guy is, if he is egotistical, and a lot of other things. Sometimes, something as simple as going on a date straight from work and taking the effort of polishing shoes could signal towards – a tidy and organized man or someone too invested in the date. It is clear that for women, shoes are a lot more than just a hiding place for unclipped toenails.

What A Man's Shoes Say About Him

Here are some common footwear choices of men and what they reveal –

Boat Shoes – These are versatile people who have a serious commitment towards comfort (and who can blame them). If you ask them for their favorite scotch, you would have asked them something really difficult. They are passably well-read, count some classics in (To Kill a Mockingbird, Catcher in the Rye, and Lord of the Flies). However, wait till you find them in the right company and they might just crack a dirty joke.

Utility Shoes – “Yes, it’s clear you are interested in hiking and adventure sports. But are you expecting any of that in this sushi restaurant?” That’s the first thing you want to say to utility shoes wearers. Some shoes are nice and practical in the situations they were meant to be worn in. At other places, well… However, these men do have great bodies, even if the hair it is hidden under is unkempt.

Flip Flops – Flip Flops are fun, they are carefree, they are rad and they are cool. When a guy wears flip flops, he gives the impression that he couldn’t care less. However, there are some secret things he does care about and these include sleeping on a comfy bed and not a futon. You would also find him doing his laundry regularly. These things could be completely overshadowed by one thing these guys bring – all the great parties.

Dress Shoes – Polished and pretty expensive dress shoes signal towards a wine connoisseur. Someone who still flicks through magazines in their hard copies despite the multiple tablets he has. However, they could sometimes find themselves either dating in the same social circle or putting their girlfriend in the weird position of not being as well-dressed as their boyfriend. The advice is to occasionally lighten up and see the flip flop side of things.

Chucks – These are classics and the complete opposite of dress shoes. Chucks are sometimes accompanied by a guitar because they say “I don’t have any money but I have a cute stubble and messy hair” and they do. The only actual energy you will see from these people is when they see free coffee or craft beers. Otherwise, they take life as it comes and are laid back.

Sneakers (Collectible) – Air Jordans in their mint condition are cool anywhere and signal towards a slight inclination towards sports. However, these men also listen to some quality music (Daft Punk, Arctic Monkeys, et al) particularly indie. They might also follow multiple (minimum 2) food trucks. The back of their closet might even have some action figures still in their boxes.

Ultimately, even if you are wearing utility shoes, your first date would depend on a lot more than just shoe-talk. What if you can only afford Chucks? If you can make them rock, you’re in.

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