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6 Times You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty in a Relationship

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6 Times You Shouldn't Feel Guilty in a Relationship

6 Times You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty in a Relationship

Everyone makes mistakes in their relationships. It’s part of two people being connected and growing together. However, sometimes things happen that aren’t your fault, and yet, somehow you end up feeling guilty when you shouldn’t. Here are six times you shouldn’t feel guilty in a relationship.

1 6 Times You Shouldn't Feel Guilty in a Relationship

Number 1:Not Being In the Mood

Not being “in the mood”. Your body is your own and, sometimes for no reason at all, you’re just not in the mood and, there is no reason you should feel guilty about it. If your partner is making you feel guilty about it, then I would suggest seeking help right away. Making someone feel guilty about not being in the mood can be abusive, and wrong.

Number 2: Disagreeing

Sometimes couples just disagree and there is nothing one or the other can do to sway opinions. It is OK to respectfully disagree with your partner, and for your partner to disagree with you. As long as it isn’t a fundamental part of your relationship, you will be able to move on without an issue. However, if you are made to feel guilty about disagreeing with your partner this could be a sign that there are some relationship health concerns that need to be addressed right away.

Number 3: Having Your Own Style

You should not feel guilty about what you wear, how you do your hair, or how you look. As long as you are happy with how you look, your partner should be happy. Being made to feel guilty about your appearance is wrong, and in all reality it’s a form of abuse and manipulation. Talk to your partner about how you feel. If things do not improve, seek counseling.

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Number 4: Spending Time With Your Family

Naturally, you’re going to want alone time with your partner. However, there will be times that you’ll want to be with your friends and family. A healthy balance needs to strike, but if you’re being made to feel guilty about wanting to spend time with family and friends then, it’s time for an intervention. Never let a partner make you feel guilty about spending appropriate time with family and friends. This can be a manipulation tactic to isolate you from others. Seek counseling, and this is one where you should consider moving on.

Number 5: Following Your Dreams

Being in a relationship means supporting each other, however it does not mean that your hopes and dreams no longer matter. You should not be made to feel guilty about wanting to follow your dreams. Whether you want to paint, work as a CEO, get a degree, or become a horse rancher, you should not be made to feel guilty about trying to follow those dreams. Your partner may disagree on the safety of your dreams, but being made to feel guilty because you are wanting to follow your dreams is unhealthy and stifling. Compromises can be made, but you should not ever be made to feel guilty.

Number 6: Not Being Ready for the Next Step

Whether it be marriage, lovemaking, kids, or moving in together, you may not feel ready to take that next step. You may be totally committed tot the relationship, but for whatever reason you just simply aren’t quite ready. Nobody should ever make you feel guilty about needing more time, talking about your feelings with your partner should clear things up but if your partner is still making you feel guilty it may be time to take a step back and re-examine your relationship.

Relationships should be built on love, trust, and companionship. Studies have shown that guilt tripping destroys !ntimacy, causes resentment, and ruins relationships in the worst way. If you are being made to feel guilty, it’s time to re-examine your relationship.

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