Ab Workout for the Unwanted Muffin Top!

Abdominal Workout for the Unwanted Muffin Top!

It’s time to say goodbye to your unwanted “muffin top”!!

Exercises for the muffin top area are a popular topic these days, many people want to get rid of fat in this area, to look good in their favorite pair of jeans and feel fantastic!

AB Workout For those Unwanted Muffin Tops

The video below will show you an effective exercise routine to blast the fat from your muffin top away!

The XHIT Workout

60 Seconds Each:
Leg Drops
Leg Circles
Reverse Crunch
Starfish Crunch
Heel Touches

30 Seconds Each
Oblique Crunches (Each side)
Side Plank (Each side)

The results will blow your mind and boost your confidence, to be a healthier and happier person, and that is something to smile about!


Edited 9/6/14 SCD