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Gas or Groceries?

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Gas or Groceries?

Gas prices in California have soared, matching the record $4.61/gallon set in 2008 according to AAA. Average prices one week ago were $4.14, last Saturday one Los Angeles station had a set price of $5.49/gallon. It seems soon you can drive to the grocery store, or buy food, you can’t do both.

As could be expected many drivers are frustrated. According to government data a series of events have limited gas supplies. These events include a fire, closed pipelines, two facilities closed for maintenance, one facility switching to a winter blend of gasoline, and a power outage. Costco has closed 14 of its 40 Los Angeles area stations, but companyofficials say things are looking better.

As demand slows and prices rise, what is the commuter to do? Higher fuel prices have an effect on all of the economy as truck drivers need to charge more for deliveries, taxi rates go up, and public transit will have to go up as well. Carpool, ride a bike, ride a motorcycle, ride a scooter, walk, or purchase a hybrid or electric car. There are options, not all of them may be pleasant.  At the very least, pleasure driving may be at a minimum for quite a while, may be a good time to stock up and make less trips.

Sourced: AP, Reuters, NBC

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