10 Super Foods for Strong Bones

During growth the body builds a scaffold of protein and fills this in with calcium-rich mineral. A healthy set of bones provides structure to the body and at the same time it gives protection to the internal organs and anchors the muscles.

To enjoy strong bones, certain key nutrients are required such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, beta-carotene, fiber, magnesium, proteins and minerals. There are many healthy foods that promote healthy and strong bones and reduce the chance of achy joints, inflammation, arthritis and so on.
When it comes to building strong bones, there are two key nutrients: calcium and vitamin D. Calcium supports your bones and teeth structure, while vitamin D improves calcium absorption and bone growth.
Here are top 10 super foods for Strong Bones:


1. Milk

Milk is the absolute best food to promote healthy bones. Milk has high levels of calcium, as well as protein. Milk almost always has vitamins D and A added as well, making it a perfect strong-bone food. One cup of milk has about 300mg of calcium.