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One Simple Technique to Get Rid of Cellulite FAST

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One Simple Technique to Get Rid of Cellulite FAST

One Simple Technique to Get Rid of Cellulite and Improve Your Lymphatic System

The largest organ in the human body, the skin, is one that often gets overlooked. Responsible for releasing approximately a pound of toxins a day, skin is one of the most important elimination organs. Taking care of this important organ is essential for good health. One way to take care of skin is through dry body brushing.Better-Looking SkinDry body brushing has various benefits on the appearance of skin, which include:

One Simple Technique to Get Rid of Cellulite and Improve Your Lymphatic System

  • reduced appearance of cellulite, due to increased circulation
  • removal of dead skin cells for smoother skin
  • better muscle tone through the redistribution of fat deposits
  • elimination of clogged pores, allowing skin to better absorb needed nutrients
  • increased natural oil production, eliminating the need for moisturizers


Better Health

The health benefits of dry body brushing are numerous. Lymph, a fluid containing white blood cells that fight infection, travels throughout the body in lymph vessels as part of the lymphatic system. The lymph vessels are connected to hundreds of lymph nodes in the body, which filter wastes, toxins and unwanted materials from the lymph.

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This complex system is responsible for the maintenance of good health. One way to keep the lymph system healthy is through dry body brushing. Brushing helps the lymph to flow efficiently through the body and aids in the removal of these toxins that can cause illness and disease. Additionally, dry brushing helps stimulate nerve endings and increases circulation.

Five Minutes a Day

Dry brushing for five minutes every morning will help the body to experience all of these health benefits. To begin, purchase a natural bristle brush, ensuring that it is not made from synthetic materials. Dry brushing should always be done while the skin is dry and before showering. Working in gentle, circular motions, brushing should begin at the feet and move up towards the heart. The only exception is the back, which should be done by starting at the neck and then moving down the back. After the ankles, the lower legs, thighs, stomach, chest, back, arms, neck, face and scalp should all be brushed in the same manner.

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Brushing should be followed with a shower to remove the released toxins and dead skin cells from the body. Dry brushing should take five to ten minutes and is preferably done in the mornings, six to seven days a week.

To help your skin and body become healthier, there is no need to go to a spa. Five minutes of daily brushing at home will help the lymph system to work properly and keep skin bright and clear.

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