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What Your Dog Says About You

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What Your Dog Says About You

What Your Dog Says About You

There are many different breeds of dogs available, they vary in size, shape, friendliness, and aggression. In most cases they are close to our heart. Have you ever thought about the type of dog you prefer being a reflection of your personality? Here is a list of what your favorite dog breed may reveal about you:

What Your Dog Says About You

1. Sporting dogs
People who own or like breeds like Cocker Spaniels or Labrador retrievers are often seeking things that are fun to do. They love indulging themselves in outdoor activities and physical sports, they believe everything is worth trying at least once and are compassionate and kind.

sporting dogs

2. German Shepherds
People who like herding dogs are attracted to strength, they like things that signify power. They are serious by nature and often extroverted. People often pick dogs that remind them of themselves, according to experts.

german shepherd girl

3. Chihuahua
Dog breeds like Chihuahua, poodle, and other small dogs are considered toy dog breeds. They are small in size and are often seen with celebrities and the idle rich, but that’s not the only people that like them. People fond of toy dogs are often creative intellectuals. Their dogs are stress busters and they often carry them wherever they go.

Chihuahua puppy

4. Beagles
People who like this breed are often happy-go-lucky types. They enjoy meeting new people and are often talkative. They have mastered the art of making friends and take almost no time to do so. They often find happiness in the small things like watching raindrops or their favorite television show.


5. Boxers
Boxer owners and admirers are similar to German shepherd lovers, they are often busy and believe in living on the edge. They usually have many friends who are extremely loyal. They live a life overflowing with joy and fun.


6. Dalmatians
People who like Dalmatians are fond of fashion and perceived as people of class. They often have great fashion sense and appreciate good food. They usually are open to change and live life as it comes.


7. Dachshunds
People fond of this breed are party animals and like being busy almost every weekend. They love people around them and give a good time the greatest priority. They are also committed to their plans and do not give up until they get what they want.


8. Shih Tzus
Owners of this breed are usually friendly and outgoing, they do not judge others without knowing them. They take things easy and live a relaxed life. They do not take extra responsibilities and are more comfortable being petted and pampered themselves. Comfort is their first priority.

Shih Tzu happy

9. Terriers
Those who own terriers are the middle-of-the-road type. They maintain balance in everything that comes their way. They are often middle-class and do not go to extremes in anything.

terrier puppy

This list is only for fun and does not guarantee any particular trait in dog owners.

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