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15 Skills Every Woman Should Know

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15 Skills Every Woman Should Know

Things for women have changed drastically over the last century. Our mothers and grandmothers grew up in a different world. To make it easier for you we are showing you some skills that every woman between the ages of 22-66 should know:

• Say No and Change Topic
When someone asks a question you want to avoid using this skill for the unwelcomed and awkward question, play it down, say, “Oh that! Now tell me about (insert a new topic).”

• Learn to Cook (a little at least)
Master one delicious and crazy dish, make it yours and use it to impress everyone who eats it.

• Invest Money Wisely
Learn to invest money like a smart and intelligent woman who knows how to manage funds.


• Learn Directions
When people direct you to turn northeast or southwest, act accordingly and do not get confused, this is a sign of a smart woman. Don’t confuse left and right.

woman gps

• Initiate Conversation With Anyone
The skill of being able to have a conversation will get you just about anywhere. If you have doubts, ask and nod sagely, this will also get your attention.

• Negotiate
If it’s groceries, salary, a house, or a car you should know to negotiate in different situations. Don’t hesitate to ask for a lower price, do it because you deserve the best and you are worth it.

• Posing For a Snap
This is important for many women, slightly turn your head to one side instead of looking straight into the camera. Sit or stand straight with your shoulders back, don’t press your arms against your body. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and slightly raise your eyebrows. Stick your chin out to accentuate your jawline unless you have a prominent chin.

Remove Unwanted Body Hair
Including on your head, get your mane shaped and trimmed! This makes you feel more confident, get it professionally waxed if needed, then show off your smooth skin.


• End a Conversation
Ending a conversation is as important as starting a conversation, be graceful, polite, and firm. Don’t lie, you do not owe anyone an explanation, a good example, “It was great to see you, enjoy the rest of your day!” Smile and move on.

• Packing
Practice packing everything you need for a weekend getaway in one small bag neatly and quickly. Consider clothing that goes with more than one outfit, shoes and handbags that match everything, and don’t forget chargers and medications. On a recent trip one smart lady packed her medications in sandwich bags and wrote on them with a marker, much less bulky than all your pill bottles!

• Never Forget a Name
Each time you meet someone new remember their name, people who remember names are interesting. Ask how to pronounce or spell it, then say the name again. Think of something to help you remember it, asking the origin of their name is a great helper.

• Know Your Car
A smart woman knows the basic parts and how they work: oil, brakes, radiator, engine, transmission, spark plugs, filter, and headlights. Know when routine maintenance is due and have it done, shop around for major repairs, and learn to check your own fluids and change a tire!

• Keep Essentials Handy
Smart women carry cash, ID, cards, keys, phones, lip gloss, breath mints, and something to read in her bag. This will help you out of tough spots and can keep you from boredom when stuck waiting.

• Welcome New Neighbors or Co-workers
Greet them in a friendly manner and give helpful advice, like the best places to shop, eat out, or take breaks.

• Satisfy Yourself and Your Partner
Smart women can satisfy themselves and their partners, in any situation they handle things calmly and wisely. Compassion and wisdom are guiding forces.


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