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The Text Message That Can Break Or Make Your Relationship

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The Text Message That Can Break Or Make Your Relationship

One Text Message Can Make or Break Your Relationship

How to send a text to somebody you’re not in a relationship with yet, but would like to:

Many of us after meeting someone special for the first time, numbers have been exchanged, a few days pass and we are confused as to how to start communicating, what should our first text say without sounding needy and desperate? Neediness is the opposite of attractiveness and can drive people away!

In this relationship expert’s professional opinion the best text to send a person you’ve just met is a bait question, these are little questions you can send that are different from what people are used to getting, like the basic hey how are you type stuff.

The Text Message That Can Break Or Make Your Relationship

These are boring meaningless questions that don’t have a hook or an actual question behind it, they don’t have a great answer. On the other hand, a bait question intrigues them to answer! It allows you to see if they are worth hanging out with and worthy of your time.

One of the most intriguing questions is: If I were a Genie and could grant you three wishes what would they be? How they answer will give you some insights into their personality. It opens the door for them to be clever, creative, and even sexy. It’s a perfect ice breaker and a great way to get a conversation going!

Edited 7/6/14

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