All About Colon Polyps

All About Colon Polyps

A colon polyp is a small growth on the inner surface of the large intestine, or colon. They can be raised or flat and you can have more than one, they can also turn into cancer. The cause of colon polyps is unknown but they are more common in adults over 50. Usually polyps are different shapes and sizes. Some polyps are:

Polyps can be removed through a colonoscopy, a test used to check for colon polyps.  In a colonoscopy the doctor checks your colon and removes abnormal polyps that can turn into cancer. The most effective way of preventing colon cancer is to find and remove polyps before they become cancerous.

They can occur in anyone, but some are more prone to get them than others.

All About Colon Polyps


People at higher risk include:

Usually there are no symptoms of colon polyps. There is the possibility that you have polyps and you can be unaware until your doctor conducts tests including examining your bowel.

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Some symptoms include:


You may notice bright red blood on the toilet paper after you have a bowel movement. Rectal bleeding can also signify hemorrhoids or minor tears (fissures) in your anus.  Discuss any rectal bleeding with your doctor.

Blood can appear as red streaks in stool or make it look black. Black stools do not always indicate problems, sometimes iron supplements and anti-diarrheal medications can make your stool black.

Changes in bowel habits that persist for more than a week may indicate the presence of colon polyps. These conditions can also occur due to other factors. See your doctor if changes persist for more than 7 days.

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Sometimes a large polyp can partially obstruct your bowel which leads to cramps and abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and severe constipation. See your doctor with unusual abdominal pain.


Experts usually advise routine colon cancer testing for everybody between the ages of 50-75 and who are at higher risk for colon cancer. Tests for colon cancer include:


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