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Banish Your Toenail Fungus With THIS Powerful Oil Combination

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Banish Your Toenail Fungus With THIS Powerful Oil Combination

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Banish Your Toenail Fungus With THIS Powerful Oil Combination

Toenail fungus is unattractive and uncomfortable. However, if you are experiencing this malady, there is a natural and inexpensive way to treat it. A combination of oregano oil and olive oil is a proven remedy for toenail fungus. Read on to discover more about toenail fungus, olive oil, and oregano oil.

Toenail Fungus

Causes of Toenail Fungus

Unfortunately, it can be easy to contract a toenail fungus. Toenail fungus, also called onychomycosis, is quite common. It lives public showers, locker rooms, and public pools. If you visit these areas regularly and don’t wear shower shoes, you could easily pick up onychomycosis. People who get regular pedicures are at risk of catching a toenail fungus from improperly sterilized tools and equipment. Socks and shoes retain moisture, so once a fungus is contracted, it can grow more quickly on toenails than fingernails. Additionally, less blood flows to the toes than other areas of the body. This makes toes more prone to infection.

Signs of Toenail Fungus

The beginning stage of a toenail fungus infection looks like a yellow or white spot under the tip of the nail. When the infection grows, your nail may become discolored or become thicker. The nail will also begin to crumble at the edge and may also appear distorted and dull. Eventually the infected nail will separate from the nail bed in a condition known as onycholysis. You may experience pain in your toes, and you may notice a foul odor coming from your foot at this later stage. Toenail fungus rarely affects all of your toenails, though you may have the infection on more than one toenail at the same time.

The Healing Properties of Olive Oil

Olive oil disrupts the reproductive cycle of toenail fungus. In a 2003 study out of the Department of Microbiology from the Technion-Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel, it was found that olive extract killed nearly all of the bacteria tested for the study. Olive oil can soften cracked nails, and the healing effects of olive oil are amplified when paired with oregano oil.

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The Medical Benefits of Oregano

The ancient Greeks first used oregano for healing wounds. Carvacrol and Thymol are powerful properties found in oregano oil. Both of these ingredients have powerful anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. Dr. Harry G. Preuss, professor of physiology and biophysics, tested the effects of oregano oil on staphylococcus bacteria. He and his research team found that oregano was as effective as standard antibiotics. Oregano oil is so strong that it can cause skin irritation unless it is diluted. It is better to dilute oregano in another oil instead of water.

How to Use Olive Oil and Oregano Oil To Remove Nail Fungus

Banish Your Toenail Fungus With THIS Powerful Oil Combination

To make this powerful cure, simply mix two drops of oregano oil with a tablespoon of olive oil. Then apply this mixture onto the affected toenails twice a day until the infection goes away. Please note that it may take a few months for the infection to go away completely.


Because of the healing properties of both oils, a solution of olive oil and oregano oil may work well to clear up a fungal infection. However, if you are in pain or if these self-care steps are not working, you may need to visit a healthcare professional. If you have diabetes and are developing a nail fungus, you must see a doctor to treat a potentially larger issue.

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