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How to Stop Colon Cancer Before It Starts

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How to Stop Colon Cancer Before It Starts

How to Stop Colon Cancer Before It Starts
By Nima Shei MD

Colon cancer is cancer of the colon or large intestine which is the lower part of the digestive system. Rectal cancer is cancer of the last several inches of the colon. Together, they’re often referred to as colorectal cancers. This cancer is the third most common cancer in the world.

There are certain factors that increase the risk of colon cancer: Personal and family history, unhealthy diet, obesity and smoking are among these risk factors. The good news is you can significantly lower the risk of getting this cancer, before it even arrives in your body. This useful infographic may save your life:


Worldwide more than 1.4 million people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer every year. Most cases are occurred in more developed countries. South Korea, Slovakia, Hungry, Denmark, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Norway, Australia, and New Zealand have the highest rate of colorectal cancer in the world.

In the US, Kentucky has the highest rate of colon cancer. Kentucky also has one of the highest rates of diabetes and it leads the country in smoking. This figure shows which states has the most and the least cases of colon cancer:


For more information about the signs of colon cancer visit this article: What You Should Know About Colon Cancer


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