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8 Amazing Things Your Brain Does While You Sleep

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8 Amazing Things Your Brain Does While You Sleep

8 Amazing Things Your Brain Does While You Sleep

The powerful brain is capable of performing several tasks at a time and processes 80,000 thoughts in any given day. The brain works efficiently and consistently around the clock to process these thoughts. Have you ever wondered what your brain does while it sleeps? When the brain sleeps, the thoughts persist and can even go into overdrive. It is estimated that the average person spends approximately 25 percent of their lives sleep. Discover the amazing things your brain is capable of doing while you are sleeping.

8 Amazing Things Your Brain Does While You Sleep

Muscle repair. The body has the opportunity to heal itself with the nutrients in the system. The person isn’t moving while they are sleeping. When asleep, the brain handles the muscle repair process in the body. The body can also initiate the muscle regrowth process by releasing certain human growth hormones.

Calculations. Research has shown that some people can perform calculations on basic equations and even solve them as they are falling asleep. People are capable of doing this as they are falling asleep or are in between a snooze.

Classification. The brain is also capable of classifying items as the person is asleep. Researchers asked participants to classify a specific set of words while they were falling asleep. Their brains continued to process these words in a sleep state with accuracy and were even able to identify the newly introduced words.

Form new memories. During sleep, a person can produce new memories and consolidate older memories. This is particular beneficial in the learning process. Adequate sleep improves the brain’s ability to manage new memories supplanted and consolidate older memories.

Cleansing. The brain actually removes toxins from the brain, which can lead to neurodegeneration. Not getting enough sleep doesn’t provide a sufficient amount of time for clearing out all of the toxins in the brain. Accumulated toxins in the brain have been tied to conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Learning new physical tasks. Learning a new skill like how to drive a stick shift or perform a new dance move is something the brain tries to perfect during sleep. As this occurs, the brain works on remembering the mechanics so that it can perform them effortlessly when not asleep.

Relearn forgotten skills. The brain helps the body relearn forgotten skills. Researchers found that within 12 hours, a person could start forgetting how to play a video game. After sleeping, the person can relearn those skills.

Manage bodily functions. As a person sleeps, the brain regulates the heart rate, body temperature and blood pressure. Finding the optimal temperature and ensuring that the blood is transported to muscles are both tasks the brain is responsible for handling.

The body is a powerful thing and works around the clock. For optimal performance, adequate sleep is necessary. Getting between eight and nine hours of sleep improve the cognitive functioning and overall well-being.

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