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Top 8 Reasons to Give Your Ex a Second Chance

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Top 8 Reasons to Give Your Ex a Second Chance

Top 8 Reasons to Give Your Ex a Second Chance

While many wish for their relationship to continue in a healthy manner, there are times when relationships end for the wrong reasons. Sometimes it may be worth giving your relationship a second chance.

While every relationship has its own boundaries and there are certain things which should never be accepted in a relationship, there are some reasons worth consideration if you still have the old romance in your mind.

Reasons to Give Your Ex a Second Chance
Here are some reasons to give your ex a second chance:

1. The reasons you broke no longer exist: Think of the reason your relationship failed and ask yourself if those reasons are gone. If that reason does not exist, it’s worth giving your ex another chance. If those reasons still exist, you might end up with the same outcome.

2. Both of you are equally committed: You can consider giving your ex a second chance if you see that your ex is committed to make things work. If the effort and commitment is only from your side, then it is not worth it. Ask yourself if your ex is willing to do whatever it takes to make the relationship successful this time around and if the answer is yes then it is definitely worth trying. Both of you must make an effort to change any past behavior that was creating problems in your relationship.

3. You called it quits too quickly: Sometimes people do not put enough effort into the relationship in order to figure the problems in a relationship and sort them out, instead they choose the easy way out and break up. If that was the case in your relationship its worth reconsidering your decision and giving your ex a second chance. In fact sometimes it can work in your favor as you can take a break, think about the past, then enter into the relationship knowing what went wrong last time and how best to tackle it this time.

4. Are you able to forgive him/her?: The end of a relationship often leads to anger and resentment. You can give your ex a second chance only if you have overcome this anger or resentment, if you still have anger and resentment you need more time to process your thoughts.

5. Do you still have trust?: Trust is the backbone of any relationship, without it a relationship can never last for long. Considering the failure of your relationship last time, do you still trust your ex? If so it may be worth a second chance. Your ex should also trust you as efforts from both sides will lead to a healthy relationship.

6. Are the feelings still there?: If you still feel the same towards your ex as you did when you were together? If you do its worth a second chance. Your relationship will be like a body without a soul if the feelings are absent.


7. Accept change: You can give your ex a second chance if you are ready to accept changes. Things change with time and so do circumstances. Do not expect everything to be exactly the same as before, some things may have changed for the better while others might not be to your liking. If you are ready to accept that change you can give your ex a second chance.

8. How has your life changed?: Think about how your life was affected by the end of your old relationship. If you think your life was better together you can give your ex a second chance.

There are no short cuts to a healthy relationship, try to nurture, work on, work through, and work together to make the relationship work this time.


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