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5 Juice Recipes for Better Skin

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5 Juice Recipes for Better Skin

5 Juice Recipes for Better Skin

Many of us wish for wonderful glowing skin. As we age our skin starts deteriorating. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have some delicious juices you can enjoy daily to keep your skin healthy and glowing? Positive Med has a list for you of juices and smoothie recipes that are beneficial for your skin and are delicious!

1- Carrot-Apple Juice

Take 4 carrots and 1/2 one medium-sized apple. Place them in a blender and add ginger according to taste, blend into juice. Carrots and apples provide strong defense against sugar cravings. This juice can give you amazing skin, the ingredients are carotene-rich and skin-friendly.

2- Beetroot juice

The ingredients are carrots, apple, beetroot, ginger, mint, and lemon. Take 1 large apple and 2 medium-sized carrots. Peel them and place in a blender. Add 3cm unpeeled ginger and one medium-sized beetroot to the blender and blend all the ingredients together. The juice will be a dark color and can be served with a slice of lemon. The antioxidant powers of carrot and beetroot make your skin glow and free from toxins.

5 Juice Recipes for Better Skin

3- Cucumber Juice

This is an effective uncommon recipe containing pineapple, cucumbers, and apples. Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which improves skin texture and is good for digestion. Cucumbers and apples have skin purifying properties and help improve skin hydration and alkalinity. To make this juice take a few slices of pineapple and one-half medium-sized cucumber, slices of one-half medium-sliced apple in a blender. Juice them to extract a refreshing drink that is unbelievably good for your skin. This juice also helps fight inflammation caused by acne.

4- Blueberry Apple Juice

This juice uses apples and blueberries with nutrients like pectin, antioxidants, chlorogenic acid, and anthocyanin pigments. These nutrients are good for your skin and provide a natural glow. Place 2 cups blueberries and 2 sliced apples in a blender to remove the juice. First blend blueberries then the apples. Doing this will drain the anthocyanin pigments which will remain in the juicer. Drink right away, within 30 minutes the natural pectin will thicken it. This juice has antiviral properties and fights signs of aging.

5- Skin-Friendly Smoothie

To make this skin-friendly smoothie choose 1 1/2 cups water, milk, or aloe vera juice. Add one cup blueberries and ½ cup strawberries, one large leaf of kale (stem removed) and one-half medium beet. Blend together to make a smoothie. This smoothie protects your skin from harmful effects of stress and lack of exercise on your skin.

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