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Communication is The LIFE BLOOD Of Your Relationship: 18 Ways to Communicate Better!

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Communication is The LIFE BLOOD Of Your Relationship: 18 Ways to Communicate Better!

Communication is The LIFE BLOOD Of Your Relationship: 18 Ways to Communicate Better!

Effective communication is key to every successful relationship. Its important to communicate with your partner freely and in a manner easily understandable to both of you. Mentioned below are some steps to effective communication that can help you make your relationships flourish.

1. Spend time
When you spend time together make sure you do not just watch TV. Take out some time daily and spend it discussing what is happening in your life and if you need your partner’s support in any way. There are many creative ways to spend time with your partner, Date night is the first and popular one between couples, make this date like this is your first time dating your partner, write it down in your calendar and don’t forget to dress to impress.

2. Avoid ego
When you talk to your partner leave your ego outside the door. Carrying an egotistic attitude while talking to your partner will take you nowhere. Don’t take things personally and analyze the cause of problems for the benefit of your relationship. Look at the bigger picture and talk with your partner freely.

3. Don’t resent what’s unsaid
If you are not happy with something your partner did or said and you have not told them about it, you will see that behavior again. Tell your partner that you did not like what they did and look for alternatives that can avoid its reoccurrence.

4. Don’t focus on winning
When your are discussing something with your spouse, do not try to win the argument. Instead focus more on the solution and do not try too hard to prove your point.

5. Remain open to opinions
Its essential to understand that your partner is a different individual and has different thoughts and opinions. Keeping an “I AM ALWAYS RIGHT” attitude will not take the conversation anywhere.

6. Be careful with words
Be cautious when choosing your words. You might be saying the right thing, however saying it in the right way and using correct words is more important.

18 Ways to Communicate Better in Your Relationship

7. Maintain focus
When you are having a discussion pick one point at a time and do not deviate from it until you have found the solution. Discussing many things at one time can end in a senseless argument.

8. Find similarities
Focus more on finding the traits that you share and avoid differences. Finding similarities in each other brings people closer.

9. Do not assume
Do not make assumptions regarding what your partner feels or thinks about something. Jumping to conclusions without knowing the reason for certain behavior can make you mad as there are numerous possibilities. Asking straightforward questions will save time and be more relaxing.

10. Admit your faults
You are human and bound to make mistakes. Its important to accept your mistakes. By doing so you can set an example for your partner and the next time they make a mistake it will be easier to accept.

11. Do not interrupt
When your partner is saying something or making their point, let them speak and avoid interruptions. Frequent interruptions will let neither of you get your point across.

12. Promote face-to-face communication
It can be difficult to discuss serious issues face-to-face but that is the right way to do it. Avoid communicating via other mediums like internet or phone. Go to a private room where only the two of you are present. Various important attributes of communication like sarcasm, tone, and pitch cannot be understood through other mediums of communication.

Communicate Better

13. Pay attention
Pay close attention to what your partner is saying. Sometimes people are thinking of what they should say next and miss important parts of conversation.

14. Be honest
Be honest and straightforward in terms of what you expect and want. Going in circles is not a productive way to communicate.

15. Do not wait
Whenever you think there is something you need to discuss, do not wait until later. Take some time and speak from your heart. There is no right time and waiting is useless and can build resentment.

16. Forgive
We all mistakes and will keep on making them. When you forgive the other person you put an end to differences. Forgive and forget. Life is too short to keep discussing the same mistakes over and over again.

forgiveness doe

17. Speak slowly
Speak slowly and clearly when you are talking to your partner. Slow conversations avoid misspeaking and using the wrong words. It also gives you time to understand what the other person is trying to say.

18. Smile
This is the most important part of effective communication. Smile more often when you talk and if possible touch each other more often. Frequent touching and smiling strengthens the bond and the conversation becomes smoother.

18 Ways to Communicate Better in Your Relationship
By Divya Shree
Edited by Stephanie Dawson


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