Your Favorite Outfit Color Says THIS about Your Personality, According to Psychology!

Your Favorite Outfit Color Says THIS about Your Personality, According to Psychology!

What The Color of Your Outfit Says About You

There is no doubt that your wardrobe says a lot about you and your personality. Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, psychologist and author of, “You Are What You Wear” says the way we dress shows how we feel. Improving the quality of your clothing can increase your self-confidence and enhance your daily experiences. Here is a list of colors people often wear and what these colors indicate about your personality:

What Your Clothing Color Choice Says About You 1

1. Red
Red symbolizes love and romance. It shows the passionate behavior of a person towards their goals. Those who like to wear red possess great leadership qualities and are quite strong, they believe in speed and tend to have high physical energy. It also shows power and dominance.

2. Black
Black is considered the universal color of authority. Studies show that black makes people look powerful and perceived as competent. It also signifies the simplicity of a person.

3. Blue
Blue signifies unity, peace, harmony, confidence, and dependability. Those who love to dress themselves in blue are likely to be loyal and calm. They are good at relationships and making friends. Blue is considered the best color choice for an interview.

4. Green
Green shows youthfulness of a person and personifies generosity, luck, and wealth. People who love green when it comes to their outfits tend to be wealthy. This color also signifies fertility. Green makes a person look compassionate and is a sign of prosperity.

5. Purple
Purple says you have a creative nature. Psychologists say if you want to feel inspired, put on something purple. This is one color that people love it or hate it, so it also shows that the person is a self-assured free thinker and is not bothered by what people think or say. It’s a regal color that signifies enlightenment and nobility.