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7 Surprising Things Your Body Language Says About You

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7 Surprising Things Your Body Language Says About You

7 Surprising Things Your Body Language Says About You

Body language is the way we present ourselves to others. It includes the way we sit, stand, talk, and hold our hands. Studies show our body language speaks louder than our words. There are signs of body language that if read carefully can say a lot about you. Mentioned below is a list of body language signals that can tell you something about the person displaying them.

7 Surprising Things Your Body Language Says About You

1. Lack of eye contact
Eye contact is a sign of body language often used to figure out if a person is lying or not. Studies show when people lie they often avoid making eye contact and look to the left. Some people are aware of this fact so when they lie they make more eye contact than usual. Next time you find someone making unusual eye contact, be careful.

2. Body positioning
The position of our body while talking to someone says a lot about us. If we face our shoulders and abdomen towards that person it shows that we are interested in talking to them and are involved in the conversation, if we position our body away from the person we are talking to its perceived as a sign of not being interested.

3. Fidgeting
We often come across people who keep playing with things kept around them while talking. According to experts, people who do not feel comfortable with the conversation going on use this habit. They do it for distraction and in some cases others from the conversation. While this might not always be true, its a common occurrence.

4. Shaking leg or foot
This is the most common body language. Studies show people shake their leg or foot when feeling nervous. People in interviews often display this behavior. Next time you have a big interview try to avoid this as many employers study body language.

5. Pinching the nose
Pinching the nose is usually considered a sign of being unhappy with something or someone. People pay more attention to the body language of others when they know they have done something that might upset them. If you notice someone you care about pinching their nose, go ahead and ask them if they are upset and offer your support.

6. The handshake
The way you shake hands with someone can tell how confident you feel about yourself. When you meet someone new offer your hand for a shake extending the full arm. Those who offer their full palm for the handshake are perceived as confident and self-aware while people who only give their fingers or a part of their palm are considered not as confident.

7. Crossed arms
Some think keeping their arms closed is a sign of taking things easy. This is incorrect. Body language experts believe that people who keep their arms crossed are often unwelcoming and closed to changes. Don’t keep your arms closed when you are sitting with someone senior to you or when you are in your social circle.

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The above mentioned signs are not 100% accurate, but a reliable general guide.

7 Surprising Things Your Body Language Says About You

Edited by Stephanie Dawson

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