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3 Types Of Fatigue and How To Heal It Naturally

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3 Types Of Fatigue and How To Heal It Naturally

3 Types Of Fatigue and How To Heal It Naturally

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Fatigue seems to be a constant feature of modern life. The feeling of overwhelming tiredness can not only affect your ability to perform daily activities. It can also interfere with getting a good night’s sleep. A number of causes contribute to the feeling of fatigue, and each must be addressed appropriately in order to return an individual to full alertness and energy.


Physical Fatigue
Physical fatigue can occur when you have engaged in vigorous activities, such as sports, moving, or another labor-intensive task. However, physical fatigue can also occur as a symptom of a variety of illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes, lung problems, kidney disease, chronic infections, thyroid problems and liver disease. If you are experiencing a feeling of chronic physical fatigue, you should make an appointment with your primary care physician for a full physical exam and blood tests. These measures will help to pinpoint any illnesses that are contributing to your fatigue.

Emotional Fatigue
Emotional fatigue occurs when you are dealing with events in your life that cause intense emotional reactions. The emotions may be a result of dealing with an interpersonal relationship, illness in the family, a death of an individual that is close to you or problems with a child. The feelings of fear, dread, confusion, grief or anger can be so overwhelming that your body remains in a constantly distressed state. Even when you are not directly thinking about or dealing with the situation, the emotions continue to keep you under the strain.

This state of constant tension can drain your energy and leave you feeling at the end of your emotional and physical resources, with constant fatigue and sense of being overwhelmed. Additionally, emotional issues can also cause an inability to fall asleep or may cause you to wake frequently throughout the night so that you fail to achieve a deep, refreshing sleep.

As a result, you may go through the day feeling exhausted. Although your physician can prescribe something to help you relax more during the day and sleep better at night, over the long term, you must examine the underlying feelings that are causing you intense distress.

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Talking to a counselor or therapist can help you to put situations and relationships in a different perspective so that you can resume your normal life with a better state of mind.

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Stress Fatigue
Stress fatigue can be related to emotional fatigue, but sometimes it can exist as a separate issue. Most people experience stress related to their jobs, juggling family schedules or dealing with unexpected setbacks. However, if not managed on a day-to-day basis, stress can cause chronic fatigue and can even lead to physical illness. Over time, stress can damage your heart and blood vessels, and it is associated with a number of other serious diseases. If ongoing stress is the cause of your fatigue, implement a stress management program into your daily life to help you feel better during the day and sleep better at night. Exercise, meditation, biofeedback training or engaging in absorbing hobbies can all help to relieve stress and increase emotional well-being.

Finding the Cause of Your Fatigue
Sometimes, the cause of ongoing fatigue is not as simple as just going to the doctor and getting a vitamin shot. You may require a number of blood tests to determine the source of the physical problem. To manage emotional fatigue, your physician may be able to refer you to a psychological professional who can help your work through issues and find practical ways to manage interpersonal problems. You can overcome fatigue from chronic stress by treating stress as a health problem that needs daily management. Put a workout at the gym into your daily schedule. Plan a half-hour of meditation before bedtime, to put you into a more relaxed state of mind. Learn to recognize stress in your body and counteract it with breathing exercises or a brisk walk.

Dealing with the underlying issues can help to relieve chronic feelings of fatigue, so that you can be fully productive, both at work and at play.


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