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Dream Interpretation in Clinical Psychology

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Dream Interpretation in Clinical Psychology

Dream Interpretation in Clinical Psychology

Dreams are a mysterious thing. Some believe that dreams are just a creation of our brain using fragments of images and thoughts that remain in our subconscious mind. For centuries people have been seeing dreams and dreams have been associated with supernatural phenomenon. It’s believed dreams symbolize what we need to focus on and what is unseen. If we look at our dreams carefully, we might find answers to some of the questions that bother us. Let’s look at some of the most common dreams people report and what’s dream interpretation in clinical psychology:

Dream Interpretation in Clinical Psychology

1. Dream of Falling
Often in our dreams we find ourselves falling from various heights and suddenly wake up in a state of shock. This dream indicates anxiety and insecurity. It symbolizes a sense of failure at something critical to you. People who see this dream often have problems that are out of control and feel powerless.

2. Dream of Forgetting an Exam
School is over for many of us, however our dreams often take us back to schools and exams. In our dreams we often see ourselves forgetting exams or not being able to answer questions on the test. This dream symbolizes lack of preparation and the fear of rejection. People who have this dream often have fear of not being accepted by society.

3. Dream of Death of a Loved One
Almost nothing is more terrifying than dreaming of the death of a loved one. These dreams come to many. Dreams of death mean there is something in your life coming to an end. People in the transition phase of life often have these dreams. Death dreams also indicate that old beliefs and behaviors of your life need to end so that new ones can replace them.

4. Dream of Teeth Falling Out
Many people dream of losing all their teeth. This can be scary, they are afraid they will not look as good and will hinder communication. Our teeth are associated with the power we possess and our communication. Dreaming of losing teeth represents weakness and the inability to speak our mind. People who have this dream frequently feel less authoritative. Those who are not satisfied with their physical appearance also have this dream.

5. Dream of Natural Disasters
Another common dream many people have is being trapped by a natural disaster such as a flood or tornado. Some people also experience deadly earthquakes in their dreams. These dreams of natural disasters indicate personal fears and anxiety. People who are afraid of what the future has for them often have these dreams. Such people are afraid of changes and lack sense of security.

6. Dream of Being Naked
People who feel vulnerable in life often dream of being naked in public. The location where they are naked gives a clue about the meaning of the dream. For example if you dream that you are naked at work it means there is something wrong there. It also symbolizes something you have kept in a secret corner of your heart and don’t want anyone to know about.

7. Dream of Being Chased
Being chased can be a terrifying dream. This dream indicates the person is running away from his/her problems. The problem you are running from depends on who is chasing you in the dream. It may be a problem with your relationship or a personal problem. People with a smoking problem might dream of being chased by police for smoking in public.

Understanding Your Dreams What Do Your Dreams Mean

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Understanding Your Dreams: What Do Your Dreams Mean?
By Divya Shree
Edited by Stephanie Dawson
[Last Updated on June 1st 2014]

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