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12 Cancer Myths Busted

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12 Cancer Myths Busted

12 Cancer Myths Busted

1. The risk of dying from cancer in the US is increasing

A survey found that more than 68% people think that the risk of dying from cancer in any part of the body is increasing daily. Since the early 1990s the risk of dying from cancer has decreased more than 50% due to developments in medical research. Research and experiments have reduced the risk of cancer death because and medical science is finding ways to avoid getting cancer.

2. Only women get breast cancer

Many think that breast cancer only happens to women. This is totally incorrect. Though women are more prone to breast cancer, it doesn’t mean it can’t happen to men. Statistics show that approximately 1500 men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year and around 500 of them die from it.

3. Cancer causes hair loss

A common myth in the US is that cancer leads to hair loss. Hair loss happens because of treatments used to cure cancer like chemotherapy and radiation treatment. This happens in some cases, not everyone who undergoes chemotherapy loses hair.

4. Cancer is hereditary

Some think that if their parents had cancer they will get it too. While some cancers are caused by genetics, its not true that you will have cancer if your parents did.

5. Cell phones cause cancer

Much has been said about the harmful effects of cell phones, including cancer. Though excessive use of cell phones may lead to a brain tumor, no study has been able to establish a clear relationship between cancer and cell phone usage.

6. Hair dye causes brain cancer

Many Americans think that hair dye is a possible cause of cancer. According to a study released by the American Medical Association there is no clear-cut association of hair dye with cancer.

12 Cancer Myths Busted

7. Using sunscreen eliminates skin cancer

Around 43% of Americans when asked about skin cancer agreed that using sunscreen prevents skin cancer. Sunscreen may protect your skin from sunburn, however using sunscreen does not prevent skin cancer totally, it reduces the risk.

8. Treating cancer with surgery spreads it through the body

Statistics show that almost 41% Americans think that if you undergo surgery to cure cancer it will spread throughout the body. This is a myth surgery is done to remove cancerous cells. Metastasis, or spreading, is caused by cancer, due to this sometimes cancer is inoperable.

9. Physical injuries cause cancer

Any kind of physical injury that might have occurred because of falling from somewhere or bruise does not lead to cancer.

10. Red meat does not cause cancer

While some people might consider grilled red meat healthy, its a major cause of cancer in the United States. Meat grilled at high temperatures and charred is the most problematic variant.

11. Cancer cannot happen to them

It might sound funny or surprising, but many people when asked said cancer cannot happen to them. Their belief in their healthy lifestyle might be the reason behind it, but its not advisable to think that you are 100% risk-free.

12. Bug spray causes cancer

Common household bug sprays contain various poisonous ingredients, they have a reputation for causing cancer. These sprays might be fatal for bugs hiding in your house but studies have not been able to establish a clear link between use of these sprays and cancer.

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