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5 Ways Arguing Can Be Good For Your Relationship

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5 Ways Arguing Can Be Good For Your Relationship

5 Ways Arguing Can Be Good For Your Relationship

Arguing in a relationship seems to bring a negative stereotype when we think about it but this is not always the case! We don’t want you to always advising argue, but rather, sometimes it may be necessary for the development and maturity in a relationship. No need to be fret just yet! Arguing can be fun, as crazy as that might sound!

5 Ways Arguing Can Be Good For Your Relationship

1) Save time..argue!
Often times in a relationship, we bottle our feelings inside and then become bitter when our partner isn’t acting the way we want them to. If we were to instead voice our feelings and argue (at least at first), we would be much more successful in our attempts at establishing strong communications links with our partners and would avoid bottled up resentment.

One thing we all want out of a relationship is mutual satisfaction. If you do not let your partner know how you’re feeling, more than likely they won’t understand why you’re angry, and you will become passive aggressive, using up energy that could be invested otherwise more productively.

2) Honesty in a relationship is crucial.
When you argue as a couple, believe it or not, you are strengthening honesty! Let us imagine two different couples, for example. One couple prefers to voice their dissatisfactions and complaints as little as possible, and in turn, develops little patience and compassion for when the other does something that is upsetting. The other couple, albeit seemingly brusk at times, decides that whenever they are upset with something the other has done to vocalize how they are feeling, even if it results in an initial fight. Guess which couple has stronger links of communication? That’s right. You guessed it: the second couple.

3) There are a million fish in the sea.
Find the right one for you by arguing. Referencing the example above, instead of keeping their feelings inside and becoming more and more passive aggressive, if the first couple were to vocalize their feelings and argue, they might discover their incompatibility. By realizing their incompatibility, they could stop consuming each other’s energy and time, which is, in essence, a win-win situation that will allow them to hopefully move forward and find someone with whom they are more compatible.

4) Build commitment.
Through arguing with a significant other, you are showing that you are invested in the relationship and value what the other person is attempting to convey. A lack of arguing signals an apathetic or lifeless relationship. Remember, it takes two to care. If your partner isn’t coming through, find a new fish!

5) Opposites attract!
Have two unique personalities..and be proud of it! If you didn’t ever argue, your relationship would stagnate due to its lack of variability and its insipid nature. It’s ok to be different people. A relationship where the two of you are the same people would be boring to say the least, even potentially creepy.

In conclusion, think about whether that argument is going to move the relationship in a positive direction, and if it is, engage your partner. If the argument is not going to help anything, let it go.

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