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Are You an Extrovert?

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Are You an Extrovert?

Some Things About Extroversion

A person that enjoys being around others is called an extrovert, a person that is energetic during parties or social gatherings, opposite of the introvert that often avoids social activity. They are typically likeable. Scientific research has demonstrated that being extroverted has some benefits in our western society, extroverts have more friends, look for more support while in trouble, date more, and have better overall life satisfaction.

Extroversion and introversion are often inherited traits, however these traits are always subject to modification. Personality styles are not labels, just tendencies of orientation toward social contact and support. You might recognize some traits in yourself, it’s common to find a mix of extroversion and introversion, with a dominant tendency to one of them.

Profile of an extrovert

• Most likely will be the life of the party, have many friends, like being around other people, and they like to go out, malls, discos, or bars, enjoying seeing and being seen.

• Extroversion is a tendency outwards, opposite of introversion. Extroverts have great interest in others and make new friends easily.

• They are very social, they tend to be in touch with other people, often trying to be clever.

• They might be looking for emotional ties, be impulsive, and looking for innovative activities. They could live on the attention of others.

• Often comedians and jokers

Are You an Extrovert?

Positive Characteristics

• They can adapt more easily than introverts to different moods and paces. They tend to act quickly.

• Can be positive, displaying vitality in everything

• Good at jobs involving customer service, interaction with people, or sales

• Often spontaneous and creative, such as actors or musicians

• They are open and approachable, meet people easily, and date or flirt more than introverts.

• They can be the soul of the party, the entertainer, someone with lots of energy

Not as positive

• Consciously or unconsciously they can monopolize attention and can become the topic of any conversation. They might over- speak in some situations, not recognizing other perspectives.

• They can be workaholics, have excess energy, and can lack focus while multi-tasking, which can be counterproductive.

• Might have poor insight, or poor awareness of other’s feelings

• Might be afraid of being alone


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