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5 Strange Addictions You Might Have

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5 Strange Addictions You Might Have

1. Screen addiction:

screen addiction is what we know as “ electronic time”, nowadays American parents try to limit kids especially younger ones by only having one hour of screen time a day, some even limit them to only one hour over the weekend.
• Internet addiction: it is related to a lot of physical problems like obesity, due to the fact that it limits people’s physical activity.
• Television addiction: this addiction is mostly common in people who have difficulty going to sleep, people who are addicted to the television can watch it for hours and feel exhausted, but still have an urge to stay awake or stop daily basis activities in order to watch more and more.
• Video games: this type of addiction has been linked to suicides, exhaustion and acts of violence, video game addicts get disconnected from reality and it affects their personal lives a 100%

2. Body modifications:

Plastic surgery, piercings, tattoos, excessive work out time at the gym, among other common body modifications. People become addicted to pain, and to their bodies continuously changing with certain alterations, it is an addiction that impulses people to want to achieve a certain narcissist satisfaction.

5 Strange Addictions You Might Have

3. Food addiction:

This is linked to the high obesity index in society today, people usually become addicted to foods high on sugar, fat and salt. People can’t stop eating even though their stomachs are full; some food addicts opt for purging in order to consume more food.

4. Animal hoarders: animal lover or animal shelter?

Animal hoarders keep a very high number of animals as domestic pets without having the ability to properly house or care for them. In order to avoid either animal cruelty or having a feeling of company animal hoarders live in unsanitary conditions, animal hoarding its said to be a symptom of a mental disorder.

5. Reading addiction:

Since elementary school teachers ask kids to read at least 30 minutes a day, reading is a great tool for brain stimulation, some people find it hard to read at least a paragraph or to read books in order to study for a test, but for others it becomes addictive, it drags people into an imaginary world, people lack of sleep cause of reading and cant find a way to stop. Some people can read over 3 books in a day.

BY: Monica Salas


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