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Beyoncé Backs The Greenprint Diet—But What Is The Eating Plan Exactly?

Beyoncé Backs The Greenprint Diet—But What Is The Eating Plan Exactly?

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Queen Bey looks better than ever and much of it is attributed to her Greenprint diet. She has further declared her stamp of approval on the diet by challenging her Instagram followers to give it a try. Beyonce gives her “B Hive” even more incentive by tantalizing them through a contest where one lucky winner can win a lifetime of tickets to her shows.

Beyoncé Backs The Greenprint Diet—But What Is The Eating Plan Exactly?

Where did the Diet come from?

The diet was created by Beyonce’s own trainer, Marco Borges, for Hollywood celebs. He has released a book called, “The Greenprint: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World”, to the public so that everyone can try it out. Beyonce has so much faith in the diet that she even collaborated with her hubby Jay-Z to write the intro to the book.

The Basics

At its core, the Greenprint Diet strives to provide you with a guide that allows you to live a healthier lifestyle where you can lose weight, shift your way of thinking, and help improve the environment.

It is a plant-based diet that provides you with an eating plan using something Borges calls, the “22 Laws of Plants.” This is essentially your blueprint to following the diet successfully. Some examples of the helpful tips and features you will find in the book include:

• Learn to listen to your body
• Add more whole grains, vegetables, nuts, and legumes to your diet
• Meal Plans
• Recipes
• A plethora of tips
• Plenty of inspiration
• Begin a habit of fasting
• Care for your mind as well as your body

Why Plant-Based?

Going green with your eating habits has long been considered the best way to go. Plant-based diets have been linked to these health and environmental benefits:

• Lower body weight
• Healthier BMI
• Reduced the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes
• Better for the environment by reducing water consumption used for animal agriculture
• Lowers your carbon footprint
• Land and species conservation
• Renewable resource
• Lowered risk of certain cancers such as breast and prostate
• Increases your energy and performance
• Overall better feeling

Going Plant-Based

For many, the thought of going vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based sounds intimidating. Marco’s book gives you a method and eating plan that is easy and enjoyable to follow. He does not expect anyone to go “cold turkey.” In fact, he uses his “22 Laws of Plants” to get you on the path to tackling it one meal at a time. You follow a dual-tier plan for 22 days that progressively swaps out animal-based foods for plant-based ones. This slow shift will help transition you to a plant-based lifestyle in a way that is doable. It will also help make it a permanent habit.

Giving up meat may sound impossible. Yet, time and time again, experts and scientists give us plenty of reason to shift over. Marco Borges has created an easy to follow guide that will show you how to take the leap to a better, healthier life that lowers your negative impact on the environment.

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