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The Importance of Healthy Breakfast

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The Importance of Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this is because it follows the longest period of time you would normally go without eating, after several hours of sleep, and its name means to end a period of fasting, or not eating. Follow the advice here to get the most out of this essential meal.

You should not consider starting a long journey in your car without first filling it with fuel. By the same token, you should not begin a day without giving your body the substance it requires. Energy levels are low in mornings, and your body needs an energy boost, in form of food, to jump-start the day.
In our busy modern lives, breakfast is often grabbed in passing as an afterthought or even skipped altogether. This is not wise, because eating a healthy, balanced breakfast can have a really positive effect both physically and mentally.

The Importance of Breakfast

A number of studies have shown that eating breakfast regularly leads to improved mood and better memory. Breakfast eaters tend to be less stressed and feel calmer. Adults perform better in mental tasks after eating breakfast, and children who eat breakfast perform better in school.

But instead of having a big bowl of sugary cereal, make sure it provides around ¼ of your daily nutritional requirements. Skipping breakfast, whether due to lack of time or trying to lose weight, can mean missing out on essential nutrients, and studies have shown that those who don’t eat breakfast are unlikely to make up for these losses later in the day. This can have a negative effect on both short and long term health and can accelerate the aging process.


Aim to eat breakfast that is high in carbohydrates and low in fat and sugar.
Breakfast cereals are almost all fortified with minerals and vitamins, so along with low-fat milk; these provide a nutritious, balanced meal.

If you prefer toast in the mornings, there are lots of different types of bread to choose from, for example: whole wheat, whole grain, bagels, and rye bread.
If you enjoy a cooked breakfast, you can make it healthier by broiling instead of frying bacon or sausages.

For a light breakfast, opt for low-fat yogurt with fresh fruit.
Breakfast provides an ideal opportunity to count toward your five daily servings of fruit and vegetables. A glass of fruit juice provides a useful source of vitamin C, as does adding dried fruit to breakfast cereals.

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